Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures

Why Do I Need SOP’s?

Every cannabis business needs standard operating procedures to remain compliant with each State’s unique set of marijuana rules. Standard Operating Procedures also allow a business to outline the company policy to employees. For some, a well written set of SOPs establishes the business culture. But when will the business need these processes and policies documented?

When Will I Need These Standard Operating Procedures?

Each State’s marijuana operating rule require the use of standard operating procedures. These SOP’s should reflect compliance with State cannabis laws. If you are applying for a cannabis license, you should consider what your State law requires. The chart below contains a list of states and a description of when the state requires the implementation of cannabis standard operating procedures. We offer SOP’s written uniquely for each states updated regulations.

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StateDescriptionOur SOP’s
AlabamaAlabama will begin accepting licensing applications in September 2022. The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission will require SOP’s be included with an establishment’s initial application.See Our AL Specific SOP’s
AlaskaThe Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office requires each application type to include an “Operations Plan”. Our SOP’s cover all the requirements outlined in Alaska marijuana regulations.See Our AK Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
ArizonaArizona Department of Health Services has a 2 step licensing program in which SOPs are required during the second phase, the Approval to Operate application.See Our AZ Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
ArkansasThere are 4 license types in Arkansas. Cultivation and Dispensary licenses are limited and have a two step application process. Once the initial application is submitted, the Department of Finance requires copies of Standard Operating Procedures be submitted for the selection process to be awarded based on Merit. Processors and Transporting licenses are readily available to acquire. These license types require SOPs be submitted during the initial application process.See Our AR Specific SOP’s
CaliforniaThe Department of Cannabis Control requires manufacturers, distributors, retailer, and testing facilities have standard operating procedures readily available for review after the initial application is submitted. However, cultivations must send the department a “Cultivation Plan” during the application process. Our SOP’s include all relevant information for each application type.See Our CA Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
ColoradoColorado Department of Revenue does not require SOPs be submitted with the initial establishment application, however businesses will be required to have them available for review at the departments request.See Our CO Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
ConnecticutConnecticut currently has two license types. Cultivations and Dispensary licensing requires Standard Operating Procedures be submitted as apart of the initial licensing application. The Department of Consumer Protection Medical Marijuana division issues licenses on behalf of Connecticut.See Our CT Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
DelawareDelaware has issued a limited number of cannabis licenses. However, with the increasing medical marijuana market, they could open applications for additional license. Delaware Medical Marijuana Program requires SOPs to be submitted as part of the initial application process.See Our DE Specific SOP’s
FloridaFlorida is not currently accepting licensing applications. Current license holders need standard operating procedures to present to the Florida Department of Health upon request.See Our FL Specific SOP’s
Hawaii Hawaii Department of Health is not accepting dispensary or cultivation applications at this time. Initial applications require the submittal of SOP’s before a license can be granted to an establishment.See Our HI Specific SOP’s
Illinois Illinois Department of Agriculture is currently accepting cultivation and “infusion” or processing licenses. Our standard operating procedures can be used for the initial application as well as for company policies and best practices after licensing approval.See Our IL Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
IowaIowa has two marijuana licensing types. Dispensary and manufacturing license applications do not initially require SOP’s be submitted to the Department of Public Health. However, the department does require marijuana establishments to have accurate SOP’s readily available for review.See Our IA Specific SOP’s
LouisianaThe Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry has only authorized Louisiana State University Agricultural Center and Southern University Agricultural Center to be licensed to grow medical marijuana. Dispensary applications are submitted through the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy and require SOPs for department review.See Our LA Specific SOP’s
MaineMaine also requires SOP’s be submitted during the initial application process. The Office of Marijuana Policy issues licenses to all three license types; Cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary.See Our ME Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
MarylandMaryland Medical Cannabis Commission has a multi-stage application process. One of the last stages require the submission of standard operating procedures to be reviewed.See Our MD Specific SOP’s
MassachusettsMassachusetts law requires the submission of SOP’s during the initial application process.See Our MA Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
MichiganMichigan has a two step application process. The first step involves vetting all applicants. During the second and final step, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency requires an inspection which they ask for standard operating procedures for the business.See Our MI Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
MinnesotaMinnesota Department of Agriculture is currently accepting applications for 2022. The applications do not require the submission of SOP’s initially. However, the department will ask for this documentation during the first scheduled inspection. Each establishment must have standard operating procedures readily available for review.See Our MN Specific SOP’s
Mississippi has not issued any licenses due to the recent initiative that failed to pass the supreme court. The Mississippi Department of Health is ready to implement a medical marijuana program in the event an initiative does pass. License applications will not initially require the submission of SOP’s but the department will ask for these documents during the review process.
See Our MS Specific SOP’s
MissouriMissouri is currently accepting applications for transportation and seed to sale certifications. They have closed the window for cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary, and testing facilities. The Missouri Department of Health does not require SOP’s be submitted with the initial establishment application. The department will require a review of these procedures during their inspections.See Our MO Specific SOP’s
MontanaMontana will allow the recreational sale of marijuana on January 1, 2022. The Montana Department or Revenue will open applications for additional licenses during 2022. The department requires the initial application and an inspection of the applying facility before an establishment is issued a license. The department will ask for SOP’s during the inspection process.See Our MT Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
NevadaThe Nevada Department of Taxation will begin accepting applications in the near future. The department requires an inspection of the establishment before an application is deemed “complete”. The department will request standard operating procedures during the inspection process.See Our NV Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
New HampshireNew Hampshire has awarded 3 Alternative Treatment Centers (also known as dispensaries) licenses, allowing 7 total operating establishments. The Department of Health and Human Services will open applications for additional competition in the market when the states patient count increases. Although they have close to 12,000 patients in the state, this is only 1% of the population. They will require SOP’s that reflect knowledge of marijuana laws before issuing new licenses.See Our NH Specific SOP’s
New JerseyNew Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission issues conditional licenses which gives stakeholders a “preapproved” status. The application for a conditional license does not require SOP’s as it does not allow the business to operate. Moreover, while converting a license from a conditional license to a full license SOP’s will be required as the establishment must be ready to operate before approval.See Our NJ Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
New MexicoThe New Mexico Cannabis Control Division (NMCCD) has opened applications for adult use. The NMCCD will require a “Water and energy use plan” with an establishments initial application. These are covered in our New Mexico specific Standard Operating Procedure’s.See Our NM Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
New YorkNew York will open applications for adult use licensing in 2022. The Cannabis Control Board has adopted rules for the Hemp program and will continue to adopt rules for recreational sales. Medical applications are currently being accepted. The initial application process does not require the submission of SOP’s. However, businesses will want to have these available for review during the operational inspection.See Our NY Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
North DakotaNorth Dakota is not currently accepting applications for cultivations or dispensaries. Thus, current license holders need SOP’s to operate compliantly. The North Dakota Department of Health will request these documents during reviews and inspections.See Our ND Specific SOP’s
OhioThe Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program is currently accepting applications for cannabis dispensaries. Standard operating procedures are not required for the initial applications but cannabis establishments should have these on hand in case the department requests access to these documents.See Our OH Specific SOP’s
OklahomaThe Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority currently has open applications for cultivations, manufacturers, and dispensary licensing. Oklahoma rule requires SOP’s be readily available for the departments review after a license is awarded.See Our OK Specific SOP’s
OregonThe Oregon Health Authority is currently accepting applications for dispensaries, processors, and growers. The initial application does not require the submission of standard operating procedures. To obtain a cannabis “Approval to Operate” certificate, Standard Operating Procedures will be required.See Our OR Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
PennsylvaniaThe Pennsylvania Department of Health is not currently accepting applications for any type of cannabis establishment. Businesses currently holding licenses will need Standard Operating Procedures to run compliantly and efficiently.See Our PA Specific SOP’s
Rhode IslandThe Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation issues “Compassion Center Licenses” or dispensary licenses based on a lottery drawing. If chosen, a dispensary will undergo an inspection before it can legally operate. During this per-operational inspection, the department will request to review the businesses Standard Operating Procedures.See Our RI Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
South DakotaThe South Dakota Medical Cannabis Program is currently accepting licensing applications for all business types. Standard Operating Procedures are required as part of the initial application process.See Our SD Specific SOP’s
UtahThe Utah Medical Cannabis Program is not accepting cultivation or dispensary licensing applications. Although, they are accepting cannabis processor and laboratory applications. The initial application for both license types require the submittal of a business plan. All aspects of this plan are covered in our Utah specific SOP’s.See Our UT Specific SOP’s
VermontThe Vermont Department of Public Safety will accept applications for additional dispensary licensing when the patient count in Vermont reaches 7,000. The application process will require standard operating procedures be submitted before an establishment will be issued a license.See Our VT Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
VirginiaVirginia is accepting applications for “pharmaceutical processors” or dispensaries. The Virginia Board of Health Professions requires standard operating procedures be submitted with the initial establishment application.See Our VA Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
WashingtonWashington is currently accepting transportation and research licenses. The Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board requires an operating plan be submitted with the initial establishment application.See Our WA Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical
West VirginiaWest Virginia’s Health and Human Resources Medical Cannabis department is not accepting “Permit Applications” at this time. When the application process does open, a plan of operation must be included as part of the initial application. Our standard operating procedures satisfy the plan of operation requirements.See Our WV Specific SOP’s
District of ColumbiaThe District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration is currently accepting applications for testing labs, cultivation centers, and dispensaries. Standard Operating Procedures must be submitted at the time of the initial application.See Our DC Specific SOP’s:
Rec / Medical

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