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Arizona Cannabis Cultivation Operating Policies & Procedures

The Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) represent the statutory laws of the state of Arizona. The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) currently oversees the state’s Medical Marijuana Program. The A.R.S. and the Arizona Medical Marijuana Rules each contain requirements applicable to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. The A.R.S. and the Arizona Medical Marijuana Rules should be read in conjunction with each other, in order to fully understand requirements of Arizona marijuana businesses. We have written customized Standard Operating Procedures SOP for a business to run a compliant Arizona Cannabis Cultivation that cover these regulations.

State and local applications require detailed plans that document how you will meet the requirements for track-and-trace, maintaining inventory, packaging and labeling, returns, destruction of products, waste management, transportation and maintain accurate records. Our SOP for Arizona Cannabis Cultivation can be customized to reflect current business practices.

These Cannabis Growing Operating Procedures will serve as a great starting point for SOP's you can submit as part of your application and use to administrate your cannabis business.

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Adilas420's generic operating procedures template is over 75 pages of content that will apply to any regulated cannabis business. These SOP's provide both narratives and the 1.2.3's of how to do each task making it easy for employees to demonstrate compliance.

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