Adilas420 was created to provide you with an online resource for everything you need to build your marijuana business. The phrase "adilas' was adopted from Adilas.biz, enterprise resource planning software, which was embraced by the cannabis industry. Adilas is an acronym for “all data is live and searchable.” Adilas420 makes all data live and searchable for the cannabis industry.

Adilas420 offers ‘seed-to-sale‘ solutions with hands-on support for marijuana businesses. In fact, we take it one step further. We provide a resource from the seed of your business to the details concerning your CPA. Hence, Seed To CPA Solutions.

We have organized the most established and reputable business databases and defined rules and workflows to meet each state regulatory requirements.

Adilas420 is uniquely customized for the marijuana industry including comprehensive business databases, training material, business solutions and limitless cannabis business resources.

E-Learning for Cannabis Manufacturers

All Data Is Live And Searchable for Marijuana Businesses

What We Do Best

Seed to CPA

Enterprise Resource Planning

Process Improvements & IT

Cultivation Management

Production/Extraction Management

Dispensary Management

Customer Management

Business Records, Plans, Receipts & Data Storage

Custom Documentation, Licensing, and Applications

GAAP: For Cannabis

All-In-One Solutions

Web Development & Design

Web Development - For Cannabis Companies

Website Design & Planning

E-Commerce Setup

Marketing - Reporting, Data and Analytics

Cannabis Business Software

A note from our founder...

Meet Molly

What an amazing journey this has been! When I joined the legal cannabis industry in Arizona in 2012, I hadn't yet dreamed of recreational legalization. Even I wouldn't have expected legalization in my neighboring states, California and Nevada, or in my home state of Massachusetts, let alone an entire neighboring country, Canada. All I could see then was an amazing opportunity for the medical patients in Arizona and an opportunity to provide alternatives in our health care system and to managing the growing opioid crisis. I could see only a haze of information coming out of Colorado regarding recreational cannabis sales.

Prior to starting cannabis businesses, I had been working in business administration in the health care industry. By 2012, I had successfully helped establish multiple small business, operating in highly regulated markets, in Arizona. Most of the organizations I worked with were start up businesses securing government contracts and private practices serving patients. I rarely stressed over the hard work and struggles involved with startup companies any more, but, I admit the fear of joining a revolution, by challenging federal law, caused me to hesitate in joining the green rush. I smoked a joint and pushed through the paranoia.

Now, after way too many 70-hour work week hustles, my colleagues and I are some of the few who can confirm decades, and thousands of hours of combine experience managing successful cannabis business operations in both medical and recreational markets. We have earned licenses, developed and implemented standard operating and training procedures for marijuana dispensaries, cultivation and processing operations working in clear compliance with the strictest regulations throughout the United States of America and now in Canada too!

It has been a passion and a pleasure to work, with so many other experts from various industries and areas of practice from around the world. Collaboratively, we are making this plant centric product, commodity and community, grow together, building an industry and brands with sustainable best practices. There is no industry more innovative than the cannabis space right now and I am humbled to be a part of it. My company was formed to serve cannabis entrepreneurs, connoisseurs, business administrators, employees, regulators and consumers who, in turn, serve us, by doing what they do. If you are serving the cannabis industry, my team and I are here to serve you. So, please, tell me, how can I help you? 

What We Offer


As cannabis regulation progresses, states are mandating track and trace systems. These tracking systems allow the state and businesses owners to maintain valuable data regarding the production and sales of cannabis and cannabis products. We have tried and learned lots of software and have identified the best software solutions to track plants, plant production, manufacturing, sales and distribution. Even better, we have found technology to assist you in all areas of business administration.


We offer online training for marijuana business owners and operators. We can help find you property, get licenses, create business plans, procedures and brands. We identify products, technology, training, and processes for the marijuana industry to take your team to the next level. While each cannabis business will be different, experience, will be helpful in planning for the rapid growth of the industry.From the seed of your business to to the sale of it, we've got you covered!