Seed to Sale Software

As Cannabis Regulation progresses, states are mandating seed to sale tracking systems. These tracking systems allow the state and businesses owners to maintain valuable data. Software is used to track the number of plants, plant production, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Licensees may use (and may be required to use) their own business software in addition to what the state requires by rule. Rules for seed to sale tracking by state often includes requiring comprehensive records of inventory, point of sale transactions, financials, personnel, vendors and customers/patients. Also, because cannabis is a cash intensive business, cash management software and systems are often necessary.

National and local regulations are major influencers when choosing a point of sale or seed to sale tracking system since requirements vary widely from place to place. Most notably are the requirements surrounding cannabis and money data verification, processing, labeling, and storage. A software system to manage sales and inventory activities is an essential need and the right one will be easily customized to suit both a company’s set of regulatory requirements and their specific preferences. Once legalities are addressed, what's left is quite similar to a more traditional retail environment

Currently the most popular software's for the cannabis industry are as followed:

*in no particular order:

  • Adilas
  • Agrisoft
  • BioTrack
  • GreenBits
  • MJ Freeway
  • MmJ Menu
  • Proteus420
  • Tree
  • Franwell Metric



One of the challenges in choosing a software is that few do the entire seed to sale process and if they do, they stop short in accounting, e-commerce, text or email messaging or other common business web solutions.

Franwell Metric, which is being used by the majority of states using track and trace systems including, California, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Maryland and Massachusetts. Metrc does not currently offer a point of sale or cannabis business software solution. Their solution is strictly a government solution.

BioTrack has also landed state contracts for providing seed to sale software. MJ Freeway landed their first State Tracking system in Nevada, which was terminated for failure to successfully implement.

Adilas is the closest tool we have found that enables an all in one solution. Adilas offers integration with all of major players in track and trace software in the United States.

Adilas420 Consultants have experience on many of the software systems. Obviously, we have our preference too. Read more about why we prefer Adilas.   We prefer adilas for many reason including that it integrates with all of the other systems, with ease, if necessary.

Adilas420 Consultants work as an advocate for seed to sale software users. We provide seed to C.P.A. services and support. We also provide resources, training and support for regulating cannabis agencies. We do this by also consulting with developers ensuring their  understanding of daily operations and the unique reporting needs of cannabis businesses. Adilas420 enables a virtual representation of your physical business processes.

3rd party reviews and pricing on each of the systems can be found here.

Seed to Sale Software

Cloud Based Software

As cannabis regulatory efforts progress, governments are mandating seed to sale  and track and trace software systems. These inventory control systems allow the regulators and businesses owners to maintain valuable data regarding marijuana sales.

Business owners, known as licensees, may use their own business software in addition to submitting data to the government, as required by rules. Most systems are cloud based, meaning the data is transmitted through common web browsers such as google chrome, safari and firefox to name a few.

Adilas420 trains on multiple seed to sale softwares, and prefers the use of adilas as a primary business tool. has been offering software as a service for over 15 years. Business owners from many industries choose ADILAS because it is all inclusive, allowing businesses to manage their data, files, operations, and employees in one easy to use platform. Adilas is being used by hundreds of cannabis business operators across the nation.

Secured & accessible from anywhere
Business owners, operators or regulators can access their data from anywhere. Adilas handles remote access as well as onsite data entry points. The entire application is server-based and only requires a computer (any kind and any operating system) and an internet connection. As long your mobile phone works, you can access Adilas. With the site open 24/7, things like business trips, remote workers, multiple locations, and after-hours access is no problem and part of the solution. Adilas maintains the physical server at an offsite location designed for state of the art commercial server hosting. No need to worry about security, adilas has chosen a team of experts to protect your data using best data security practices. Redundant back ups, firewalls and virus protection ensure you will never have lost or corrupted data. Decades of experience and 99.99% up time provides adilas users with great confidence. Adilas offers software and service for a low monthly fee fee.  Pricing is designed to grow with your data and with your business. Making adilas a great scalable option.
Robust Funcionality
ADILAS developers were preparing for big data before it was cool. With over 15 years of development, is a comprehensive business platform. The adilas420 team has designed a series of online, and integrated, tools allowing cannabis businesses operators the ability to track every gram and every penny, while simultaneously tracking the people and the process of daily operations. Adilas continues to develop and update their system with the ever-changing advancements in technology and we continue to seek plugin applications and integrated solutions. Because the system is cloud-based, all updates happen automatically and regularly so that you never have to worry about having an out of date version. Adilas420 has brought big data organization to the cannabis businesses.
Empower your people is a permission-based system that can be customized for each user. Once inside the application, each page checks for individual page permissions by user and corporation. This allows you to assign only the permissions that are needed for each user. All permissions are checked on every page and completely hidden if unassigned. This keeps the interface simple and direct. It also allows you to only have to enter your data one time, instead of many. Adilas420 offers role specific training enabling each employee to do their job efficiently and effectively. Any good business owner understands the importance of big data and data organization in any industry. Well maintained data allows businesses owners to "reliably and efficiently [extract] predictive patterns from Big Data, and turning them into suggested actions, next product recommendations, scores, alerts, etc. that help front-line employees do their jobs better," as described by Forbes Magazine. For decades, businesses have been embracing software as a service to manage their valuable data.
Customized Software Integration
Adilas420 presents seed to sale software at it's finest.  We offer the only true all in one solution with a customizable software database and a collection of integrated tools. Adilas offers an open API (Application Programming Interface) and state of the art security to protect your data while sharing it amongst multiple authorized interfaces.

API & GOVERNMENT TRACKING currently integrates with:


 Washington State Liquor Board’s tracking system. We are currently working on integration with Arizona Department of Health Services web portal and will develop for other states as requested. We are also currently working on solutions in Canada.


Integrated e-commerce options allow customers to place orders online, remotely and while in the field. Orders are recorded in the inventory control system as quotes, prompting the order for fulfillment and distributions. Customizable settings allow you to choose what is shown to the customer, quantities, images, content and product options.


Multiple queues allow you to track in store, delivery , drive-through or regional orders including real time tracking.


Integrated GPS and RFID tools, complete customer relationship management system and accounting platforms all make adilas a great pick for your seed to sale tracking system!


From Seed to CPA

Adilas is all web-based and is accessible from anywhere and any device!
Equipment/technology needs will vary but will likely include:
ID scanners for verification of government issued ID/age verification
Label printers
Receipt printers
Reliable phone and internet service
Barcode labels & scanners
Menu Boards / E-Commerce website

Learning Management

Cannabis industry experts, or "wanna-be's," can track and trace learning and seed to sale procedural training with Adilas420. Explore our courses, resources and more!


Use our endless lists of resources, preferred people, products and processes for seed to sale tracking and cannabis business administration.