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What’s Trending In the Cannabis Market?

Arizona Medical Marijuana License

The Arizona Department of Health Services is yet again raffling off marijuana licenses, except this time the license is for a medical cannabis dispensary. The department is calling the allocation the “2022 Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensary Allocation”. The cultivation that accompanies a medical cannabis dispensary is where the business would be able to turn a […]

Maine Recreational Marijuana

Maryland and Missouri Become Recreational Cannabis States

Prior to November 9, 2022, nineteen states, the District of Columbia, and two other U.S. territories legalized recreational marijuana in some form. As of November 9, Maryland and Missouri join the list of recreational cannabis states. Maryland citizens passed Question 4 permitting recreational cannabis in the state. It includes charging the legislature with providing guidelines […]

The Importance of Seed to Sale Tracking

A company in Portland, Oregon is facing repercussions after mixing up a THC and CBD product. Consumers then purchased the CBD product and had adverse effects. An employee mixed up the two buckets containing CBD and THC products when packaging the finished goods for sale. The company also failed to test the finished products before […]

Mississippi Marijuana Applications

Mississippi will begin accepting marijuana applications on June 1st 2022 at 8:00am. Once the application process begins, there will be a 30-day approval time for business licensure applications. The Mississippi Department of Revenue is responsible for licensing medical dispensaries. The Department of Health is responsible for licensing medical patients, processing, testing, transportation and waste facilities. […]


METRC Support

Several states have mandated METRC as the state inventory tracking system. METRC is also used for state reporting. The most recent state to mandate the use of METRC is Oklahoma. Commercial licenses and dispensaries have until May 26 to make the transfer to METRC. Oklahoma will be using METRC for seed to sale tracking and […]

New Jersey Recreational Marijuana

New Jersey approved recreational marijuana in 2020. However, the state has announced that the sale of recreational marijuana may begin on April 21, 2022. Currently, there are 7 alternative treatment centers who have approval to begin sales on this date. Of course, these 7 companies are currently operating as medical marijuana treatment centers. Of the […]

Arizona Social Equity Award

Last year, we posted information on the Arizona Social Equity program award. You can read the article here: Arizona Marijuana Social Equity Program. At the time, the Arizona Department of Health Services had limited information on when the winners would be announced. At this time, the department has insight into the event. The Arizona Social […]

Cannabis Cost of Goods Sold

Since the cannabis industry is so fresh, many aspiring marijuana business owners have no idea how to estimate projected budgets, never mind yields, and cost of goods sold. Nor are they able to estimate the amount of time it will take for the business to see green (or make a profit). The cost of goods […]

Why It’s Important to Have a Seed to Sale Tracking System

We know we have said it before. Having a seed to sale tracking system is a crucial part of any cannabis operation. However, Nevada regulators have proven how important having a good system can be. According to MJ Biz Daily, a cannabis operator in Nevada currently has a suspended license to operate after failing to […]

New York Adult Use Marijuana

New York Adult Use Marijuana

New York approved adult use marijuana in March 2021. Since then, the state has been actively working to implement regulations for business owners in the industry to follow. The New York Office Of Cannabis Management recently released the regulations for adult use establishments. The regulations define license types, purchase limits, age restrictions, consumer taxes, and […]