Standard Operating Procedures

Why Do I Need SOP’s?

Every cannabis business needs standard operating procedures to remain compliant with each State’s unique set of marijuana rules. Standard Operating Procedures also allow a business to outline the company policy to employees. For some, a well written set of SOPs establishes the business culture. See our Standard Operating Procedures page to purchase an SOP template, or to request a customized set of SOPs. But when will the business need these processes and policies documented?

We have written customized Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for marijuana businesses for many different cannabis business types and markets. We have consolidated the policies and procedures into a downloadable template to be added to and used by future cannabis businesses. These SOP’s are great for use in cannabis business license applications and operations.

Cannabis Operating Procedures include:

Hiring Plans

Security Plans

Operations Plans

Inventory Control

and more! These documents address inventory control procedures, seed to sale software and tracking requirements, and beyond. Cannabis product recall and dispensing procedures will help your business ensure compliance. Cannabis business packaging, labeling and marketing procedures are also included as part of many of these documents.

The Table of Content, below, provides an example of what is included in  a Cannabis Cultivation Standard Operating Procedures Templates:


Click here to see cannabis retail SOP examples. Adilas420’s operating procedures template are all over 75 pages and will include content that will apply to any regulated cannabis business. We also have several state and province specific options.

The SOP’s provide the 1.2.3’s of how to do each task making it easy for an employees to demonstrate compliance.

We have many standard operating procedures and templates that are state or province specific to ensure cannabis business compliance. Check out this page for more about Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures to see when your state will require these SOPs.

Contact Us for customization or assistance in filling in the blanks! We also offer customized SOP’s improving workflow and job training!