Trump’s Budget Plan Threatens the Medical Cannabis Industry

Trump stated he supported medical cannabis and a states rights approach to managing cannabis policy during his campaign. His new budget proves this was not true.  In his 2021 federal budget proposal, Trump has called for ending existing federal protections. These protections limit the federal government from interfering in the state-sanctioned regulation of medical cannabis. […]

Arizona to Require Cannabis Testing Beginning November 1, 2020

Arizona has implemented new cannabis testing rules that take effect on November 1, 2020 requiring the testing of cannabis and cannabis products for potency and a wide range of contaminants. Though many companies already utilize some form of cannabis testing, this could be a big, and costly, change for many.  The state created an advisory […]

New Adilas Loyalty Rewards System Released

If you are an Adilas user you will be happy to know that the Adilas loyalty reward system was recently released. Companies that were utilizing a third party solution for their rewards program can now have a system that is fully integrated with their POS. This points based system will automatically issue points to a […]

Weedmaps Removes Thousands of Unlicensed Cannabis Ads

In August, Weedmaps promised to eliminate California unlicensed cannabis retailer ads from its site. The announced deadline for this action was January 1, 2020. They seem to have met that goal though there is still some question as to whether they have done enough to keep these postings from appearing on their site.  In a […]

Cannabis Inventory Audits In 4 Steps

The cannabis industry is highly regulated and so it should come as no surprise to learn that cannabis inventory audits will be an essential part of your standard operating procedures. Inventory audits are just one component of inventory management but may be one of the most important. This remains true whether you are a dispensary, […]

Adilas API: Third Party Solutions to Common Cannabis Industry Concerns

Did you know Adilas integrates with a number of solutions created by third parties to enhance your experience? API solutions provide functionality above and beyond Adilas’ out of the box experience.  What is API?  API is defined as “a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data […]

Adilas Support Options: How To Get The Help You Need

It’s no secret that learning new software can be intimidating. Adilas has done a lot to make their seed-to-sale software as intuitive as possible but you will still likely have questions and need help. Fortunately there are lots of Adilas software support options. This article will describe the different Adilas support options available and how […]

Cannabis Marketing Challenges and Solutions

The cannabis industry comes with challenges in a lot of areas but one big challenge is marketing. Though it varies depending on location, the roadblocks to traditional marketing options are numerous.  Commonly implemented restrictions include:  Advertising marijuana products within a specific distance of a school or area where children often spend time. Television, radio, or […]

Digital Menu Boards: 5 Reasons your Cannabis Business Needs Them

It is likely you have seen a digital menu board, maybe in a restaurant or dispensary. They are a great way to communicate with customers, especially if you have a “menu” that changes frequently.  Earlier this year we published a blog post on the subject. In this article we will go into more detail.  1. […]

Tax Section 280E: What Cannabis Businesses Need to Know

What is 280E? 26 U.S. Code Section 280E is the federal statute that states that a business engaging in the trafficking of a Schedule I or II controlled substance such as cannabis is barred from taking tax deductions or credits. Basically, cannabis entrepreneurs must pay taxes on all of their revenue without the benefit of […]