Adilas Support Options: How To Get The Help You Need

It’s no secret that learning new software can be intimidating. Adilas has done a lot to make their seed-to-sale software as intuitive as possible but you will still likely have questions and need help. Fortunately there are lots of Adilas software support options. This article will describe the different Adilas support options available and how […]

Cannabis Marketing Challenges and Solutions

The cannabis industry comes with challenges in a lot of areas but one big challenge is marketing. Though it varies depending on location, the roadblocks to traditional marketing options are numerous.  Commonly implemented restrictions include:  Advertising marijuana products within a specific distance of a school or area where children often spend time. Television, radio, or […]

Digital Menu Boards: 5 Reasons your Cannabis Business Needs Them

It is likely you have seen a digital menu board, maybe in a restaurant or dispensary. They are a great way to communicate with customers, especially if you have a “menu” that changes frequently.  Earlier this year we published a blog post on the subject. In this article we will go into more detail.  1. […]

Tax Section 280E: What Cannabis Businesses Need to Know

What is 280E? 26 U.S. Code Section 280E is the federal statute that states that a business engaging in the trafficking of a Schedule I or II controlled substance such as cannabis is barred from taking tax deductions or credits. Basically, cannabis entrepreneurs must pay taxes on all of their revenue without the benefit of […]

Vaping Health Concerns: The Massachusetts Ban and Why It Goes Too Far

On Tuesday, September 24th, Massachusetts Governor, Charles D. Baker, issued a declaration stating that a public health emergency exists due to severe lung disease associated with “vaping”. As a result, they have banned the sale of all “vaping products” for four months.  Responding to the hundreds of vaping health concerns, governors in Michigan, New York […]

Adilas E-Commerce for Cannabis: 6 Tips For Getting Started Today

In other topics we discuss the best options for e-commerce functionality for Adilas users. This post addresses how to get started if you chose to “Purchase Adilas e-commerce upgrade for a templated online menu“. Set Up Your Cannabis Online Store Once you have made the decision and subscribed to Adilas E-Commerce, you’ll need to know what […]

Understanding The Challenge of Usable Marijuana or Concentrate Weight Limits

There are many great challenges facing the cannabis industry. Because production and research have been limited for so long it has been difficult to explain the relationship between dried marijuana flower and yield of concentrate. As rules and regulations have been defined differently amongst multiple states it has become even more challenging to agree on […]

Seed-to-Sale: Jamaica Seeks Bidders

According to MJBiz Daily, Jamaica is moving forward with its cannabis plans. It has issued a number of licenses and is now seeking bids for a seed-to-sale tracking system.  Seed-to-Sale Tracking An international search has been initiated to identify a qualified organization to provide seed-to-sale tracking software for the country’s regulated marijuana program. According to […]

Cannabis Industry Banking: What Are The Biggest Challenges?

It is common knowledge that cannabis industry banking comes with many challenges in the United States. Because marijuana is still federally illegal, there are many costly banking hurdles for a cannabis business in the US to overcome. This not only affects the cannabis business but also the safety of the community. What are the biggest […]


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Regulations Update

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Regulations were amended during the 2019 legislative session and affect many areas of compliance. These changes are summarized below and described in detail on the OMMA website. Adilas420 has updated its Oklahoma marijuana SOP’s. Changes currently in effect Board Certification– SB 162 removed the requirement for physicians issuing recommendations to patients for medical […]