Study: Nationwide medical marijuana laws would save lives — and a billion taxpayer dollars – The Washington Post

A fascinating study in Health Affairs last year by a father-daughter pair of public policy researchers found that Medicare prescriptions for things like painkillers, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications dropped sharply in states that introduced a medical marijuana program. Source: Study: Nationwide medical marijuana laws would save lives — and a billion taxpayer dollars – The Washington Post

Oregon set to change the game on marijuana consumer tracking

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon state lawmakers who fear heightened marijuana enforcement by federal agents overwhelmingly approved Monday a proposal to protect pot users from having their identities or cannabis-buying habits from being divulged by…” the cannabis shops, according to: Oregon set to shield marijuana user data from US officials | Star Tribune. The Aricle by […]

Congressmen Gaetz and Soto Propose Legislation to Reschedule Marijuana | Congressman Matt Gaetz

WASHINGTON – Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz and Democratic Congressman Darren Soto have joined forces in a bipartisan effort to make it easier for ill-patients and scientific and medical researchers to obtain marijuana. The proposed legislation, “to provide for the rescheduling of marijuana into schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act”, is aimed at rescheduling marijuana […]

California city holds marijuana workshop to discuss concerns of Prop 64. 

A room full of people turned out to the Hammon Senior Center Tuesday night for a workshop on how the city should respond to the passage of Proposition 64, which legalized personal cultivation and recreational use of marijuana in the state. Source: City holds first marijuana workshop – Golden State Newspapers: Patterson Irrigator News   […]

Delaware legislators say they have votes to legalize pot

Delaware took a major step Thursday toward becoming the ninth state to legalize recreational marijuana use. Delaware legislation would also authorize dozens of stores to sell marijuana. “We see it as a social justice issue,” Henry said, describing the legislation as an effort to reform the criminal justice system by legalizing “something that people always have […]

New Legislation Introduced to Reschedule Marijuana

New legislation introduced by Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, both Oregon Democrats, would take marijuana off the list of federally banned drugs, tax marijuana at a rate similar to alcohol and tobacco, and end the threat of federal criminal penalties for businesses operating in states that allow the use of pot for recreational […]

Georgia House approves compromise to expand medical marijuana program

Georgia House lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a compromise that would expand the list of disorders eligible for treatment under the state’s nascent medical marijuana program. Source: Georgia House approves compromise to expand medical marijuana program By a vote of 45 to 6, Senators approved a revised version of Senate Bill 16, now awaiting the Gov. Nathan Deal’s signature. […]

Bill That Blocks Marijuana Decriminalization Passes | Tennessee News |

Last year, Nashville voted to decriminalize marijuana. According to the Associated Press: “The Legislature has passed a bill that would bar cities in Tennessee from decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. If the governor signs the bill, it will strike down laws in Memphis and Nashville that give police the discretion to write civil […]