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What cannabis consumer data is being tracked in California?

Image Credit: AP   Some U.S. cannabis consumers, patients and journalists have raised concerns over the safety of customer data. reported on California’s Track and Trace requirements for customer records, expressing concerns about protecting consumers privacy. According to the source article: How much privacy do you have when you buy marijuana in California? “To […]

You can smoke cigarettes on the boardwalk. Why not pot, advocates ask. |

[New Jersey resident], says the state’s medical marijuana laws allow them to smoke wherever tobacco smokers do. The officers say that’s not their understanding of the law and that until the town gets clarification from a higher law enforcement agency, it’s sticking with its position banning smoking of marijuana on the boardwalk. Source: You can […]

Trump Spurns Congress as He Signals Medical Marijuana Fight

President Donald Trump signaled he may ignore a congressional ban on interfering with state medical marijuana laws, arguing in a lengthy statement that he isn’t legally bound by a series of limits lawmakers imposed on him. Steve Bell, a senior adviser at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, said Trump’s signing statement signaled a desire to […]

Congress Ties Jeff Sessions’ Hands on Medical Marijuana – Rolling Stone

At least for now, the DOJ is likely to be barred from going after pot growers, sellers and users in states where medical weed’s legal. The compromise bill to fund the government through September includes an extension of a provision that keeps Sessions’ hands tied by explicitly barring the Department of Justice from using its […]

Medical Marijuana Users Outspend Recreational Consumers 3 to 1

The Washington, D.C. cannabis analytics firm found that in 2016, medical consumers shopped for cannabis every 10 days, spending an average of $136 per transaction. Adult use consumers shopped every 14 days and spent an average of $49 per transaction. Medical marijuana sales are projected to reach $5.3 billion in 2017 and account for 67 […]

MARIJUANA: Canada pot clash with US border patrol | Miami Herald

While voters have already made recreational marijuana legal up and down the West Coast, from Alaska to California, Canada is expected to become only the second nation to completely legalize pot on July 1, 2018. Such a big move would be all but certain to produce spillover effects in the United States. This article in […]

 Massachusetts allows for home growing of marijuana.

Home growing is becoming a big business in Massachusetts. At NECANN vendors were selling light kits, grow tents, soil and cultivation kits which can run from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. In Massachusetts, it’s still illegal to sell marijuana without a license. The law sets the limit on how many plants you […]