Recreational Marijuana Sales Are Up 184%. 

Marijuana markets nationwide are growing. Some say that means legalization has worked, while others disagree. reports on the numbers and concerns: In news that will likely be celebrated by cannabis advocates and marijuana industry stakeholders alike, a new report concludes recreational marijuana sales skyrocketed from $351 million in 2014 to $998 million in 2015 — […]

The Bank refuses to serve even Marijuana related businesses!

Despite the Cole Memo issued by the federal government in 2014, banking remains a huge issue for marijuana businesses, including ancillary businesses that do not even handle the product. A Business not being able to bank forces operations to be cash intensive and provides for community safety issues, a primary concern for the marijuana industry. […]

Facebook shuts down medical marijuana pages in New Jersey

Facebook and Instagram continue to shut down Marijuana accounts. We have been offering advice and guidance to Adilas420 Members for content management which might help mitigate the likeliness of having your account shut down. TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Three of New Jersey’s five medical marijuana dispensaries have had their business pages shutdown by Facebook, cutting off […]

9 Unique Traits of High Performing Teams | Next Chapter Solution

The team at weekdone came up with this great list of traits the strongest teams and businesses maintain. Managing the people and the process can be difficult in any organization. Refer to this list regularly to help you stay focused on your businesses growth.   Checkout the summary below or visit the original source for the full article and […]

5 Keys To The Success Of Your Online Store – Digital Shyft

Adilas seed to sale software has easy integration to share inventory live on the web, allowing customers to reserve or place orders, see past orders, and process payments. Marijuana dispensaries are quickly learning patients or customers and sales staff prefer online ordering and delivery models. While some states or local governments have restrictions on delivery, […]