Thinking About A Dispensary Digital Menu Board? Read this.

As a cannabis business there are things you need to know when it comes to procedures for cannabis customer and patient sales. It’s not just about having your business up and running, it’s about how you can best serve, educate and incentivize your customers and increase cannabis sales and profit. Having a dispensary digital menu board in your retail store will also support good operational procedures and cannabis compliance alike.

Give them a good greeting and waiting experience.

Sales start when the customer walks through your doors. When customers enter the doors of a local state licensed marijuana dispensary, they want to have information provided to me to keep me coming back. The operations and security requires customers/patients to present an ID. They are then added to a queue to purchase cannabis to verify the patient/customer information.

A good software will help expedite the customer queueing process and collect other information for sales and marketing, like a phone number or email address. Like most customers, many hate to fill out a paper (or many pages) of customer forms. Digitalize them please, it is the 20th century, plus it saves the trees!

Having an informative electronic menu board will assist customers in the end purchase. Digital menu boards will also help ease the pain of waits. Giving the customer the menu, current specials or educational information by electronic display will present a professional and modern feel. When a customer/patient is in the waiting room, they are looking at strains related to helping with their aliments, this is where that electronic billboard assists your customers in buying product and keeping them informed.

Have variety on your digital menu board.

Customers love variety! Even as a new industry, we know customers want variety. Variety means having the right products such as CBD tinctures or other CBD only products. This could be lotions to vape cartridges to edibles and flower depending on the state you are in.

Ideally, enter your inventory one time. 

If you are currently operating without an integrated menu board, you know how time consuming it can be to update your inventory in multiple places. We recommend you invest in software to save your budtenders time, your customers confusion and you money.

Websites drive traffic too.

Websites that are not updated with your inventory will drive customers to seek your competition. Cannabis custom

ers look at websites like Leafly and Weedmaps to compare menus and prices shop. Driving customers to your website will start a more personal experience and increase your brand value.  Save your staff time by integrating your customer relationship management system (CRM), online menus, point of sale and in store signage. Enter the inventory one time. Push updated inventory on hand to your ecommerce website and digital menu board at the same time. This allows customers and Budtenders to see the same menu in multiple places.

Digital menu boards help operations and customers.

Dispensary digital menu boards are key to sales once customers are in your waiting room.  Most customers coming in now have smart phones, this means we are looking up the strains as we are in your waiting room. Use the billboard to your advantage, change it up, use videos, and showcase your products.

We can also offer you advice on how to display item names. Lets face it, in the cannabis industry, we have some weird item names. Let us help you with item naming conventions, imagery and branding. Click this link to find out more about how we can help you.





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