Learn to track plant:

  • Origins
  • Unique Plant ID's & RFID's Tags & Batches
  • Nutrients & additives
  • Schedules & harvest data
  • Yields, test results & other reports
  • Costs, sales and more!


Learn to track:

  • Batch History
  • ID's & RFID's
  • Conversions
  • Production ID's
  • Ingredients & additives
  • Test results
  • Costs, sales, & more!


Learn to manage distribution:

  • Transportation manifests
  • Online ordering
  • Scheduling
  • Cross corporation Invoices to PO's for ease in transferring chain of custody
  • Market exchanges
  • Email & Text messaging for customers & employees.


Learn to track:

  • Point of Sale
  • Labels
  • Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Pricing
  • Campaigns
  • Sales, costs, profit & loss and much more



All Data is Live and Searchable

Adilas stands for "all data is live and searchable."

Adilas is a customizable, all in one business software and enterprise resource planning solution.

Adilas has provided business intelligence software for over 15 years and has been offering seed to sale software solutions since 2010.

For Marijuana Businesses

Adilas420 provides a true all in one software as a service (SaaS) solution for the cannabis industry. We provide the software, custom web development, operational training and support you need to plan and manage your cannabis business.

Cultivators, Processors, Manufacturers, Labs, Distributors, Transporters, Dispensaries, and Regulators, from seed to CPA, we got you covered!


Retail Solutions

We write applications, business plans, and operating procedures. We assist in implementing Inventory Control, Point of Sale Systems, Customer Relationship Management, e-Commerce, Marketing Strategies, Product Placement, Staffing and Training, Cash Management Systems, Banking Tools and More!

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Cultivation Solutions

Customized software solutions allows you to track your cultivation your way! Track your marijuana from seed to sale. Track cultivation expenses, schedules and test results in your all in one inventory control system. Access the best material and supplies at the lowest prices. Brand your cultivation with e-commerce and online ordering functionality for wholesale.

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Extraction/Manufacturing Solutions

We offer software designed with manufacturing in mind. Customize product names and categories, track ingredients, build recipes, record test results and track each batch through its manufacturing stages. Track expenses and supplies used in packaging and create custom labels. We've got a full accounting platform, allowing for auto calculations of cost of goods.

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Government Solutions

There are two sides to every story. We work closely with state regulators and governing agencies to bridge the gap between operators and regulators. We currently offer integration for seed to sale and state traceability software. Adilas420 offers resources for states seeking state traceability software and consultations for emerging cannabis programs.

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Save yourself some time. Let us train you based on best practices developed through years of experience in operations. Our e-Learning platform, live webinars, and one on one training courses are all you need to learn the ins and outs of the cannabis industry.

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Consultations are offered by experienced marijuana business operators. A business consultant can be a great resource for short-term projects and temporary help. Our Pro's can help in implementation or management services.

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