Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Our All In One Cannabis Software is an essential key to maintain the flow of goods from point of origin to point of consumption for your business and this is what we mean by seed to sale. This includes managing raw materials, production of inventory, labor and finished goods. There are three main areas of focus to consider with supply chain management.

Product flow - Involving the creation and movement of a product from inception to delivery.

Information flow - Including everything from tracking important data points during production to maintaining orders and deliveries.

Financial flow - Consisting of any currency related aspects such as the cost of production, credit terms, payment, scheduling, and much more.

“Seed to Sale tracking” refers to the processes and tools used to address the special needs associated with supply chain management for the marijuana industry.

Adilas420 offers you several integrated software's and solutions to help you manage your cannabis business. Learn more on our About Us page, or Contact Us with an inquiry.