Kentucky Medical Marijuana

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear recently signed Senate Bill 47 into law, legalizing medical marijuana in Kentucky. * Starting in 2025, Kentuckians will be able to apply for a medical marijuana card after obtaining a written certification from their medical practitioner showing a qualified medical condition. But what does that mean for Kentucky Medical Marijuana businesses? What businesses will be available, and how do you apply for a cannabis business license in Kentucky? Let’s talk details below.

We have seen several states roll out medical marijuana programs. We have also watched as medical markets turn into recreational markets. When a new law is passed such as Bill 47 that legalized Kentucky medical marijuana, state regulators must work together to either designate regulatory responsibility to a new administrative entity of the state, or to an existing entity like the Department of Health. While it is unclear at this time if Kentucky will create a new regulatory body, or will give the responsibility to an existing entity, the steps following are clear.

Kentucky Medical Marijuana Regulators

The next step that the state must take is to establish regulations for the medical marijuana program. Most always, these include guidance on business license types available, and how to apply for a cannabis business. As well as, operating requirements such as procedures for testing, recall, pesticide, waste, and quality control regulations. Once these regulations are established, the state will begin opening the licensing period for the license types available. Common license types include cultivator, processing, retail, and transport licenses.

Each license type will likely be required to show proof of a business plan and standard operating procedures specific to their cannabis business to demonstrate knowledge and potential competency.

After businesses are licensed, the state will likely start approving patients into the program and providing them with medical cannabis cards. Because these are not processes that can happen overnight, the state is estimating the program to be available to patients in 2025.

The Helpful Content Team will provide more details as they become available and be working on preparing standard operating procedure templates that will meet KY Cannabis business requirements.

Preview our KY Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures here:


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