Florida Medical Cannabis License

To begin, the state of Florida is known to have strict rules about cannabis. Currently, there are 22 license holders in the state. Additional restrictions include vertical integration. Therefore, the company must grow, manufacture, process, and sell their own products. This has proven to complicate entering the industry. However, for the right investors, the market […]

The Best Seed to Sale Software

The cannabis industry is so new, that many find themselves wondering which seed to sale software to use. This includes cannabis law makers whom must appoint a track and trace software for their state to use. Many states are already operating on a variety of different software solutions and have complaints about their abilities. There […]

Cannabis Business License Applications

Several states are currently accepting Cannabis Business License Applications. We will list them below along with their respected deadlines. If you are looking at opening your own cannabis business, we are here to help! From California, to Maine, Alaska and Hawaii, we have your cannabis business needs covered from Seed to Sale. States Accepting License […]

Cannabis Testing Lab SOP’s

Every state requires some form of testing to the final cannabis product. Therefore, every state requires at least one cannabis testing lab. However, the testing requirements vary depending on the legalization status of the state. For example, Arizona requires different cannabis testing than New Jersey . In addition, New Jersey cannabis testing labs must enter […]

Rhode Island Recreational Cannabis

Rhode Island legalized recreational cannabis in May of 2022. Alas, Personal use marijuana sales began December 1, 2022. However, there are only 6 licensed retailers who can sell recreational cannabis to the public. You may purchase personal use marijuana if you are over the age of 21. Additionally, you may only purchase up to 1 […]

Arizona Medical Marijuana License

The Arizona Department of Health Services is yet again raffling off marijuana licenses, except this time the license is for a medical cannabis dispensary. The department is calling the allocation the “2022 Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensary Allocation”. The cultivation that accompanies a medical cannabis dispensary is where the business would be able to turn a […]

Maine Recreational Marijuana

Maryland and Missouri Become Recreational Cannabis States

Prior to November 9, 2022, nineteen states, the District of Columbia, and two other U.S. territories legalized recreational marijuana in some form. As of November 9, Maryland and Missouri join the list of recreational cannabis states. Maryland citizens passed Question 4 permitting recreational cannabis in the state. It includes charging the legislature with providing guidelines […]

The Importance of Seed to Sale Tracking

A company in Portland, Oregon is facing repercussions after mixing up a THC and CBD product. Consumers then purchased the CBD product and had adverse effects. An employee mixed up the two buckets containing CBD and THC products when packaging the finished goods for sale. The company also failed to test the finished products before […]

Mississippi Marijuana Applications

Mississippi will begin accepting marijuana applications on June 1st 2022 at 8:00am. Once the application process begins, there will be a 30-day approval time for business licensure applications. The Mississippi Department of Revenue is responsible for licensing medical dispensaries. The Department of Health is responsible for licensing medical patients, processing, testing, transportation and waste facilities. […]


METRC Support

Several states have mandated METRC as the state inventory tracking system. METRC is also used for state reporting. The most recent state to mandate the use of METRC is Oklahoma. Commercial licenses and dispensaries have until May 26 to make the transfer to METRC. Oklahoma will be using METRC for seed to sale tracking and […]