5 Ways to Reduce Operating Costs for Cannabis Cultivations

Let’s start with the basics. How are your light schedules staged? Do you use an environmental regulation system? Are you hand watering, or using an irrigation system? Have you purchasing product in bulk? Lastly, how are you tracking the costs of all this overhead and applying that cost on a “per item” basis? In short, […]


Oklahoma To Stop Accepting Marijuana Licenses

Oklahoma has been an open market when it comes to the cannabis industry. Oklahoma rule currently has no cap on the number of marijuana licenses that can be approved. Specifically, there are currently over 8,000 cultivations, 1500 processors, and 2,000 dispensaries in the state of Oklahoma. However, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has been […]

Virginia Senate Passes Recreational Marijuana Bill

Virginia passes a recreational marijuana bill that would allow current licensees to start adult use sales in September. Previously, adult use sales would begin in 2024. However, the Virginia house of representatives must still pass the bill before recreational marijuana sales can occur. Consequently, the state plans to charge a $6 million dollar fee for […]

Mississippi Medical Cannabis Legalization

As of Wednesday January 26th, 2022, Mississippi adopted a comprehensive medical marijuana program. After Governor Tate Reeves signed Senate Bill 2095 on Wednesday, it became law immediately. Therefore, Mississippi became the 38th state to accept medical cannabis legalization. Under Senate Bill 2095, medical cannabis distribution licenses must be awarded to aide with expanding the market. […]


The Trouble With Cannabis SEO

Cannabis SEO Our blog post, SEO: 7 Reasons to Get Started Today describes why SEO is valuable to any business. This blog post will identify the trouble with cannabis SEO as the industry knows it. The evolution of the industry has increased web search’s about cannabis and the industry. Common questions include cannabis legalization status, […]

Florida Medical Marijuana Licenses

The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) will issue a total of 20 new medical marijuana establishment licenses during 2022. To illustrate the significance of obtaining a cannabis license in Florida, we must define “medical marijuana treatment center”. Specifically, licensed medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs) are vertically integrated. This means they produce and sell […]

California Marijuana License Application

California is currently accepting marijuana license application through their online portal. In fact, the Department currently offers three portals to end users. Each portal specifically has access to different license application types. Therefore, before you apply you must choose a license type. To illustrate, California has many licensing types. Such entity types include cultivation, manufacturing, […]

New Jersey Marijuana Applications

New Jersey is opening marijuana applications to business owners whom wish to apply. The license will allow the business to provide adult use marijuana to consumers in New Mexico. You can find the adult use marijuana rules in the following document: NJAC 1730 Under the new rule, consumers are able to purchase 1 ounce of […]

Oklahoma Cannabis Licensing Software

To begin, it is not a secret that the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has actively been accepting cannabis licensing applications. To date, no application deadline has been specified making this a hot spot for startup cannabis businesses. Additionally, the state does not have a cap on the number of licenses awarded. However, the OMMA […]

Dispensary POS Bundles of 2022

In 2021, we posted: “Starting A Dispensary: What hardware do you need?“. Therefor, we wanted to update our recommendations and provide you with the highest quality dispensary POS bundles of 2022. “P.O.S.” Stands for point of sale and is vital to any marijuana company. It is the heart of income for the company which is […]