The Best Seed to Sale Software

The cannabis industry is so new, that many find themselves wondering which seed to sale software to use. This includes cannabis law makers whom must appoint a track and trace software for their state to use. Many states are already operating on a variety of different software solutions and have complaints about their abilities. There are so many, how can we tell which one is the best seed to sale software available?

There are many things to consider when choosing a seed to sale software system. The biggest concern in the industry is the ability to track and record the inventory as it is being produced and sold. However, there are other items companies should be tracking. This includes the costs of cultivating and selling cannabis, internal and state reporting, marketing, loyalty, and route optimization.

A few different Software Solutions are as follows:

So which software offers all of these necessary components? The short answer is, there is not one currently on the market. This contributes to the frustration many business owners in the cannabis industry encounter. They must purchase subscriptions from multiple software systems in order to incorporate technology into the company operations.

Then, you ask which software system is the best for the industry?

Unfortunately, there is no straight answer. This will depend on your business model, company values, and state or province requirements. Start up companies may prioritize a budget friendly software. Larger corporations may prioritize how user friendly the software is, its ability to process large amounts of data, and the option for custom reporting. Some states require the use of a seed to sale software that integrates with their designated track an trace software (METRC and PMP), while other states do not have limitations on the seed to sale tracking system that a company will use. Refer to our “Locations” tab to choose your state and learn more about what software options we recommend.

To conclude, every software system is designed with different objectives in mind. To find a perfect fit, will take some company evaluation and time. We can help you discover what software system would be perfect for your business. Let us help you choose the best software for your company. Contact us today for a FREE 30 minute consultation!

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