Headset – Business Intelligence and Reporting

Turning cannabis retail data into real-time insights.
As an analytics service provider for the cannabis industry, Headset’s mission is to help operators make more informed business decisions through data.

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Headset is the leading cannabis data & market intelligence solution with a focus on consumer insights, purchasing behavior & retail trends.


Headset offers a differentiated cannabis dataset

  • Access a normalized read across the market
  • See data sourced directly from POS integrations
  • Real-time data for timely insights & answers
Stay ahead of the competition

  • Understand consumer demographic & behavioral data
  • Identify trending brands & products in real-time
  • Quickly adjust pricing, promotion & product strategies

Drive revenue, optimize spend

  • Track sales trends & improve your product assortment
  • Optimize your approach to inventory & wholesale pricing
  • Leverage demand planning & basket analysis insights

Turn analytics into action

  • Intuitive user experience with powerful analytics
  • Measure & optimize your campaigns in real-time
  • Data analyst support & services

Our cannabis data is unmatched

Everything at Headset begins with retail and consumer shopping. Headset connects with point-of-sale data from retail and dispensary cooperators, giving Headset subscribers an aggregated market read, providing visibility into industry trends, market data, competitive insights and new opportunities all in real-time. We work with well over 1,000 retailers in both medical and adult-use markets in the United States and Canada, delivering comprehensive cannabis business intelligence solutions for cannabis products & businesses.

Product manufacturers, processors & distributors

Ready to take your cannabis operation to the next level? Headset provides the tools you need to make informed decisions so you can stay ahead of the market, with inventory insights to eliminate stock out events and discover impactful sales trends.

Retailers & dispensaries

Empower your business with industry-leading software to identify revenue drivers, keep an eye on the competition and understand your customer base. Headset's retail data solutions help you see the full picture, with actionable insights to make decisions quickly.

Financial services

Headset provides essential services for financial institutions, from investment banks to venture capital. With our real-time cannabis market intelligence solutions, you'll stay ahead of the competition and understand the opportunity with up-to-date market & consumer trends.

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