Cannabis Testing Lab SOP’s

Every state requires some form of testing to the final cannabis product. Therefore, every state requires at least one cannabis testing lab. However, the testing requirements vary depending on the legalization status of the state. For example, Arizona requires different cannabis testing than New Jersey . In addition, New Jersey cannabis testing labs must enter test results into the state tracking system, METRC, while Arizona labs must simply communicate final test results to the company whom ordered the test. Arizona and New Jersey are not the only states whom require testing, but they are two good examples.

Because each state regulation varies, it can be hard for a lab corporation to standardize their cannabis testing lab SOP’s. Even small labs can have trouble applying for lab licensing through their state. Luckily, we are here to help!

We Offer State Specific Standard Operating Procedures For Cannabis Labs!

If you are a testing lab trying to apply for a marijuana license, we can help with that too! We offer cannabis testing lab application writing services. Click the Contact Us button above, leave your information, and we will contact you and send over a quote for our services. (Normal application writing projects start at $3500 but the price may vary depending on the project.)

We have a wide variety of services for a current or future cannabis business.


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