Ring in the New Year With New Cannabis Business Solutions

While creating New Year resolutions, consider what resolutions you want to see from your new marijuana business. Why not ring in the New Year with new cannabis business solutions? ADILAS420 offers solutions from seed to sale for the marijuana industry. A few resolutions to consider for the new year include: Ordering Customized Standard Operating Procedures […]

Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures

Why Do I Need SOP’s? Every cannabis business needs standard operating procedures to remain compliant with each State’s unique set of marijuana rules. Standard Operating Procedures also allow a business to outline the company policy to employees. For some, a well written set of SOPs establishes the business culture. See our Standard Operating Procedures page […]

New York Marijuana Social Equity Program

On March 31, 2021, New York State legalized adult-use cannabis by passing the Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA). The New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) will create a marijuana social and economic equity program. The program will encourage communities disproportionally harmed by disparate drug enforcement to participate in the marijuana industry. MRTA provides three services […]

Arizona Marijuana Social Equity Program

Watch out, 26 new Dispensaries are coming to Arizona! Proposition 207 passed in November 2020 and legalized adult use marijuana in Arizona. Additionally, it requires the Arizona Department of Health Services to promote the ownership of marijuana establishments by individuals from communities disproportionately impacted by the enforcement of previous laws. Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) is […]

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Regulation Update

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has given insight into a recent regulation update. The update comes in hopes to reduce the illegal activities currently taking place in the market. These updates can be found below. New Director To begin, the OMMA appointed a new Executive Director to oversee the marijuana program on August 18, 2021. […]

Oregon Marijuana Recall

Push to Open Connecticut Adult Use Dispensaries

At this time, the Connecticut police department is making a hard push to open Connecticut adult use dispensaries by Mid 2022. This would be earlier than previously proposed by The Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program (MMP). Marijuana in Connecticut Adult use marijuana in Connecticut is legal following Public Act 21-1, An Act Concerning Responsible And Equitable Regulation Of Adult-Use […]

Marijuana Federally Legal

On January 19, 2021, the House of Representatives were presented with H.R.365 – Marijuana 1-to-3 Act of 2021. The bill proposes marijuana become federally legal. To become law, the bill has to pass through the House, Senate, and finally the president. Once the bill becomes law, there are several other hurdles business owners in the […]

New Bills Could Legalize Marijuana in 2022

With many states seeing increasing tax revenue from marijuana sales, it’s no wonder so many other states are welcoming the idea of legalizing some form of cannabis program. There seem to be three states who have implemented both medicinal and adult-use programs currently leading the cannabis industry. To date, California has generated over $638 million […]

Marijuana Social Equity Plan

Several states have implemented a marijuana social equity plan in response to the legalization of cannabis for recreational or adult-use. Most importantly, each plan’s objective is to give back to communities that have felt a substantial impact from previous marijuana laws. The States that Offer Equity Plans There are several states that offer some type […]

Louisiana Medical Marijuana

Pursuant to the 2015 Legislature Act 261 and the 2016 Legislature, Act 96 the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy completed the rulemaking process to develop a licensing system to dispense medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes.  The Board’s Final Rule was published in the August 20, 2017 edition of the Louisiana Register with an immediate effective date. Who Oversees the Louisiana MMJ Program Two regulatory agencies […]