Why It’s Important to Have a Seed to Sale Tracking System

We know we have said it before. Having a seed to sale tracking system is a crucial part of any cannabis operation. However, Nevada regulators have proven how important having a good system can be. According to MJ Biz Daily, a cannabis operator in Nevada currently has a suspended license to operate after failing to comply with state track and trace regulations. The adult use and medical cannabis cultivation and production licenses are all under suspension.

According to the source, two instances of product mistracing occurred. First, the facility contained untagged or mislabeled plants and packages of product that were not in the state traceability system, METRC. The source also states that product that previously failed testing somehow made it to retailers. Clearly, company SOP’s were not being followed.

Every business needs standard operating procedures to succeed and operate in a compliant manner. We have the following Nevada specific marijuana SOPs:

The worst part of this situation is that the company cannot resume business until they submit a plan of correction to the state for approval. The problems addressed must be resolved, and regulators must verify the resolution in order to have the suspension lifted. Let’s remind ourselves that every day the business does not operate is a dollar (or more) waisted.

Now that we have illustrated the consequences of not tracking regulated product, we will emphasize the importance of seed to sale tracking. If the company above had a seed to sale software that integrated with METRC would they have had missing packages? If the seed to sale tracking system was intuitive for users, would the company’s employees have mislabeled plants? Unfortunately, we might never know the answers to these questions. However, a look into a new seed to sale tracking system (if they were using one) would be a strong recommendation.

What inventory control systems integrate with METRC?






What Marketing Solution Software Integrates with METRC?

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