101 Introduction to Adilas Accounting Software

Cannabis accounting has been coined "seed to sale tracking" in the marijuana industry. In this webinar we will present an introduction to financial accounting for the cannabis industry. You will learn the basics of accounting and how ADILAS accounting software is used for cannabis accounting. ADILAS includes a robust inventory control system, integrated with a full accounting platform so that you can track your product seed to sale, or as we say, seed to CPA!

This webinar includes a presentation on:

  • Introduction to Accounting

  • What makes Adilas Different?

  • Adilas Accounting Software Demo

In this series we will offer an introduction to accounting. Financials and Accounting are big topics in any industry. This lesson is designed to provide an entry level understanding of basic accounting principals and the use of ADILAS accounting software. I will begin by offering some basic definitions and concepts and a brief description of what makes adilas.biz software different than other accounting softwares. Then, I will offer a system demo of some of the core ADILAS accounting functions. Lets get started.


Course Materials

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