California Cannabis Microbusiness Licensing 10 Facts You Should Know

California Cannabis Microbusiness Licensing 10 Facts You Should Know A California cannabis microbusiness license will allow you to grow, package, and sell product. Before you have a microbusiness license, you will need to secure a location. Then you will have to get approval. Depending on where you start your business or open up a new […]

Tracking Cannabis Taxes: Phoenix, Arizona – This Week in News

The Phoenix, Arizona City Council voted down a measure to increase the dispensary and cultivation yearly cannabis taxes. The proposed bill suggested a 17% tax on State Licensed Arizona dispensaries and cultivators. Cannabis taxes this high could have caused Phoenix dispensaries to go out of business. The concern for local dispensary owners was that a […]

California Cannabis Labeling Requirements

The Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) included basic requirements for how cannabis and cannabis products must be packaged before sale. These requirements apply to all cannabis flower, pre-rolls and manufactured cannabis products. They do not apply to shipping or transport containers. In July 2018 the California Department of Public Health, Cannabis […]

California cannabis must meet higher standards by July 1st

July 1, 2018 represents Phase 2 of implementing compliance expectations for California Cannabis Businesses. As of January 1, the state’s emergency regulations require temporary licensees to document all sales and transfers of cannabis and cannabis products between temporary licensees—or between temporary licensees and annual licensees—by manually using paper sales invoices or shipping manifests. All annual […]

Adilas is now a valid integrator for METRC track and trace software in California

As you may know California has selected Metrc as the state’s track-and-trace system to track commercial cannabis activity and movement across the distribution chain (“seed-to-sale”). This site is intended to give annual licensees information that will help them use Metrc to remain in compliance with California’s tracking and reporting requirements. Adilas is now a valid […]

West Hollywood to Allow Social Consumption

Last year, The City of West Hollywood approved an Ordinance to approve amendments to the municipal code and zoning ordinance to regulate cannabis land uses. This ordinance would legalize West Hollywood and allow social consumption in the area. The City’s Ordinance makes the City of West Hollywood one of the only cities in the region authorizing business licenses […]

The Growing Interest in California and Canadian Cannabis Businesses Opportunities

Especially since the 2016 elections, in the United States, we have been hearing a lot about Canadian companies now entering the US Cannabis space. The interest in international cannabis business goes both directions across the northern border. So why is there a growing interest in California and Canadian cannabis businesses opportunities? According to “MedMen, […]


California Tracks Marijuana from Seed to Sale using METRC

As of January 2. 2018, the California Cannabis Commission tracks the marijuana supply chain from the point at which a plant is 8 inches tall through the point(s) of sale using METRC. “Rebecca Forée, a spokesperson for California Department of Food and Agriculture, explained via email. “Once we have completed and approved annual cannabis licenses […]