The Growing Interest in California and Canadian Cannabis Businesses Opportunities

Especially since the 2016 elections, in the United States, we have been hearing a lot about Canadian companies now entering the US Cannabis space. The interest in international cannabis business goes both directions across the northern border.

According to

“MedMen, LA-based cannabis retailer, joins forces with Cronos Group, Canadian cannabis producer, manufacturer and distributor for a cross-border joint venture, painting a picture of how the global cannabis industry will function in years to come.”

Source: MedMen Leaps Into Canadian Cannabis Market For Joint Venture With Cronos Group

MedMen is one of many American cannabis company’s, including Next Chapter Solutions, LLC taking its products, services and branding expertise to Canada.


Many California cannabis company’s are turning to Canada for guidance since medical cannabis became federally legal in there 2013, so a regulatory framework has been put in place.

While it is also taking the Canadians longer than expected, when adult-use comes on board it’s going to piggyback on the framework that already exists for medical.

From a business perspective, going into an arena where the rules are much clearer and there’s significantly less uncertainty is attractive from an investment and business perspective.

Adilas420 has some big news and plans regarding seed to sale services for both California and Canada coming soon! Stay tuned.



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