The Growing Interest in California and Canadian Cannabis Businesses Opportunities

Especially since the 2016 elections, in the United States, we have been hearing a lot about Canadian companies now entering the US Cannabis space. The interest in international cannabis business goes both directions across the northern border. According to “MedMen, LA-based cannabis retailer, joins forces with Cronos Group, Canadian cannabis producer, manufacturer and distributor […]

Adilas420 is now serving Canada from seed to sale

Canada is moving forward with its plans to implement legal sales of recreational cannabis, one province at a time and so is Adilas420! To provide seed to sale software for cannabis business in Canada, we have been awaiting the chance to give careful consideration to rules, regulations and the governments intention to track and trace […]

What will Adult Use Marijuana Do to the Medical Marijuana Market?

Legal weed in North America is expected to reach $22.6 billion in revenue in 2021. But many won’t be spending their money on marijuana the way they do today. Recreational cannabis spending is expected to outpace medical marijuana sales for the first time in 2019, according to a comprehensive new report from Arcview Market Research. While recreational […]

9 Unique Traits of High Performing Teams | Next Chapter Solution

The team at weekdone came up with this great list of traits the strongest teams and businesses maintain. Managing the people and the process can be difficult in any organization. Refer to this list regularly to help you stay focused on your businesses growth.   Checkout the summary below or visit the original source for the full article and […]

16 small-business apps for 2016

Get techy or go home! Check out this great read on apps for small businesses. Adilas takes care of over half the needs on this list, and is my preferred tool – but hey,  tripit and joinme are cool new apps worth checking out! Over the past few years, the number of cloud-based applications that can […]

The Big Deal About Big Data And What It Means For IT And You – Forbes

“Big Data is the new IT buzzword. Companies are spending on Big Data, but how do the use it to make better decisions, work more productively and take better actions? How does a company go from spending on big data to making it a competitive advantage for their business?” Checkout this Forbes article on the […]