Adilas420 is now serving Canada from seed to sale

Canada is moving forward with its plans to implement legal sales of recreational cannabis, one province at a time and so is Adilas420!

To provide seed to sale software for cannabis business in Canada, we have been awaiting the chance to give careful consideration to rules, regulations and the governments intention to track and trace cannabis.

Working out most of the details affecting consumers is largely up to the 10 provinces. Three — Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick — have offered only general ideas of how they will operate and regulate their marijuana markets. The other seven are still in the start of of public consultations and planning.

Ontario has offered a first round of rules and plans to open 40 government run stores, overseen by the LCBO this year. As described on the government website, 

“Under the approach, approximately 150 standalone stores will be opened by 2020, including 80 by July 1, 2019 servicing all regions of the province. Online distribution will be available across the province.”

Alberta’s website also offers province rules and describes, Albertans will have two options for purchasing recreational cannabis:

  • privately run retail stores
  • government-operated online sales

While the website offers enough of an introduction to cannabis rules to start writing standard operating procedures, it quickly confirms “Full details on licensing and establishing a cannabis retail operation will be available in early 2018.”

New Brunswick government has partnered with two licensed cannabis producers, Organigram and Canopy Growth Corp to supply the province. The Cannabis Management Corporation, a Crown corporation has been charged with the oversight, organization, conduct, management and control of retail sales of recreational-use cannabis.

While it is unknown what track and trace software will be used by the federal government or any of the local provinces, adilas is now being used as seed to sale software for cannabis growers and online distributors.

We will keep tracking compliance requirements and invite you to learn with us!





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