Cannabis Markets

The interactive maps below will display information about the legal status of cannabis by state or province. Clicking into a specific state or province will provide you with additional market specific regulations, information, products and services. Marijuana Training From Experts: Finally, save yourself some time and money. Let us train you based on best practices […]

Understanding The Challenge of Usable Marijuana or Concentrate Weight Limits

There are many great challenges facing the cannabis industry. Because production and research have been limited for so long it has been difficult to explain the relationship between dried marijuana flower and yield of concentrate. As rules and regulations have been defined differently amongst multiple states it has become even more challenging to agree on […]

Cannabis Business Reports

Looking for better cannabis business reporting?

Get Seed to Sale Software and Beyond: Our seed-to-sale software for use in the cannabis industry just got more exciting! We are committed to providing an all in one solution that will ensure success in all aspects of running your cannabis business. This includes your cannabis business reporting. Beyond the new developments in the works […]

To Grow or Not to Grow? Maine- Where to Start.

Getting seeds or cuttings to start your cannabis business may sound easy, but it can be more complicated than expected. This could be true due to rule, or simply due to timing, facility needs, environment, ect. can Of course, the harder part is the next chapter, where we address what the “master grower” needs to do to […]


MA – METRC set up and training

News from Adilas Is Pleased to Announce API Integration with Massachusetts’ Metrc Tracking System. Massachusetts has elected Metrc as their state wide Cannabis Tracking System, and Adilas has made connecting to the new Metrc system easy with our API Integration Tools. ADILAS420 offers METRC set up and training. If you haven’t yet procured an […]

Adilas Training – Cultivation Settings for Sub Attributes

The New Cultivation Tracking requires several plant categories and sub inventory attributes to be in place in order to track each step of the cultivation process. Without them, it won’t know where you want your information to show up. Maybe you have never assigned any sub attributes or categories? Maybe you have and the functions […]

Nevada Cannabis Licensing Update

Nevada Cannabis Licensing Update The Nevada Department of Taxation is currently accepting cannabis retail license applications. The window for application submission will close in September 2018. Stay tuned for more Nevada Cannabis Licensing Update. The next window to submit applications starting on October 30 through November 28. Learn More. 

California Cannabis Labeling Requirements

The Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) included basic requirements for how cannabis and cannabis products must be packaged before sale. These requirements apply to all cannabis flower, pre-rolls and manufactured cannabis products. They do not apply to shipping or transport containers. In July 2018 the California Department of Public Health, Cannabis […]

What will Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries do regarding the sales of extracts?

Arizona’s 2010 medical marijuana law does not include extracts of marijuana — dubbed “hashish”, the appellate court ruled. This decision impacts Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in more than one way. Source: Court to Arizona Medical Extract Users: Watch Your Back! | Leafly   This week, the Arizona Appeals Court ruled that The Arizona Medical Marijuana […]

Lack of Cannabis Testing Applications delay Recreational Marijuana Sales in Massachusetts

No recreational cannabis testing laboratories have received regulators’ permission to open….So far, the commission has not received any completed license applications from independent testing labs, though one lab has begun its application. This has caused a delay in Recreational Marijuana Sales in Massachusetts. Source: You Won’t Be Able To Buy Legal Recreational Marijuana On July […]