Colorado Cannabis Delivery Software

This month, I was visiting Colorado. The local news reported about opening up the market for cannabis delivery to patients. This reminded me of a recent marijuana delivery order in Arizona. I recently used the marijuana delivery software,  because I was curious to see how it worked. Similar marijuana delivery software platforms like Blackbirdgo, […]

Tracking Cannabis Taxes: Phoenix, Arizona – This Week in News

The Phoenix, Arizona City Council voted down a measure to increase the dispensary and cultivation yearly cannabis taxes. The proposed bill suggested a 17% tax on State Licensed Arizona dispensaries and cultivators. Cannabis taxes this high could have caused Phoenix dispensaries to go out of business. The concern for local dispensary owners was that a […]

Got an Odor Plan?

Last year, Denver officials developed new rules that require marijuana grows and edible manufacturers, along with pet food manufacturing plants, sewage treatment facilities and other pungent properties, to develop Odor Control Plans outlining how they would manage smells wafting from their sites. Source: Denver marijuana facilities without odor plans could face punishment, city says – Denverite

How “The States” are ensuring “States Rights”

Colorado may prohibit law enforcement officers from assisting in a potential federal marijuana crackdown. The state House voted 56-7 Wednesday to bar public employees from assisting federal agents in “arresting a Colorado citizen for committing an act that is a Colorado constitutional right.” The Colorado bill doesn’t specifically mention marijuana. But sponsors say it is inspired by […]

Colorado backs off plans for ‘Amsterdam-style’ marijuana clubs – LA Times

Colorado lawmakers back off plans to regulate “Amsterdam-style” marijuana clubs. “Given the uncertainty in Washington, this is not the time to be trying to carve off new turf and expand markets and make dramatic statements about marijuana,” Hickenlooper told the Denver Post last month. Sponsors of the club bill said that they had little choice […]

Social marijuana could hit Denver by July: How to have a say in the rules

“A draft set of rules for social consumption areas is expected to be released by April 25. Before they’re finalized, people will be able to weigh in May 25 at a public hearing, according to Denver Excise and Licenses. The department responsible for licensing Denver’s pot shops hopes to start approving businesses to open social consumption areas […]

Colorado set to prohibit marijuana co-op growing operations

Colorado has legalized pot but appears set to make it a crime to grow marijuana in operations run by co-ops. Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, but it has a nagging black-market problem. Law enforcement and state lawmakers attribute the black-market problem in part to weak restrictions on who can grow pot. Source: Colorado set […]

Colorado reduces marijuana growing limits for home growers

The 99-plant growing limit previously established in Colorado statute was far higher than any other marijuana state in the nation. Sponsored by House Majority Leader KC Becker, D-Boulder, supporters of House Bill 1220 believe that reducing the residential growing limit to 12 plants can help law enforcement agencies better deter black market growers, investigate massive, illegal operations […]

What will Adult Use Marijuana Do to the Medical Marijuana Market?

Legal weed in North America is expected to reach $22.6 billion in revenue in 2021. But many won’t be spending their money on marijuana the way they do today. Recreational cannabis spending is expected to outpace medical marijuana sales for the first time in 2019, according to a comprehensive new report from Arcview Market Research. While recreational […]