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This month, I was visiting Colorado. The local news reported about opening up the market for cannabis delivery to patients. This reminded me of a recent marijuana delivery order in Arizona. I recently used the marijuana delivery software,  because I was curious to see how it worked. Similar marijuana delivery software platforms like Blackbirdgo, which is cannabis distribution business software in Nevada have paved the way for ease in online ordering for cannabis delivery. Many cannabis businesses that use Adilas as their seed software, which includes out of box delivery tools may also use other third party software integrators to create various user experiences.  

Being both a patient in Colorado and Arizona. I have seen how the industry has grown exponentially. Each state has faced unique challenges in marijuana delivery laws and processes. The current Colorado House Bill 19-1234 would allow Colorado to open up the cannabis delivery market. 

Colorado House Bill 19-1234

Currently, in Colorado,  House Bill 19-1234 is being introduced which would start allowing medical marijuana to be delivered to patients starting January 2, 2020. Recreational delivery would start on January 2, 2021. There is a $1 delivery charge that would be included in the delivery to cover law enforcement needs in that state.

In Arizona, some dispensaries do not charge patients for delivery. As an Arizona patient, one can order medical marijuana without having to leave their house. 

Currently in Colorado, the patient has to use a caregiver to have their medicine delivered. This bill would free up patients to order marijuana online with services like Superb. On a business level, “the measure would establish a licensing system for such delivery services and also require training for delivery permit holders.

The Need for a Deliver Licensing Program in Colorado

Right now, Colorado has a problem with illegal cannabis delivery. Arizona and California also have a saturated black market for distribution. A quick search on Google shows Colorado companies advertising deliveries for $20 as caregivers. In some states, individuals or caregivers use a loopwhole like selling something else, and delivering the marijuana for free. 

The bill would require the state Marijuana Enforcement Division to create a delivery licensing program for dispensaries and transporters, who could deliver marijuana products to patients after the MED sets up a regulatory system for training requirements,

This bill would hopefully ensure safety measures in cannabis delivery to patients, training on transportation, lower the cost for patient’s delivery, and ensure transparency between the dispensaries and government tracking regulations.

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