Tracking Cannabis Taxes: Phoenix, Arizona – This Week in News

The Phoenix, Arizona City Council voted down a measure to increase the dispensary and cultivation yearly cannabis taxes. The proposed bill suggested a 17% tax on State Licensed Arizona dispensaries and cultivators. Cannabis taxes this high could have caused Phoenix dispensaries to go out of business. The concern for local dispensary owners was that a […]

Georgia House approves compromise to expand medical marijuana program

Georgia House lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a compromise that would expand the list of disorders eligible for treatment under the state’s nascent medical marijuana program. Source: Georgia House approves compromise to expand medical marijuana program By a vote of 45 to 6, Senators approved a revised version of Senate Bill 16, now awaiting the Gov. Nathan Deal’s signature. […]

Compromise reached over expanding Georgia’s medical marijuana law

“Lawmakers appear to have reached a compromise Thursday that would expand Georgia’s medical marijuana law. The agreement over Senate Bill 16would add six illnesses and conditions eligible for treatment with medical marijuana in Georgia to include Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, autism, epidermolysis bullosa, peripheral neuropathy and Tourette’s syndrome. It would additionally allow use for patients in hospice care, […]

Delivery or No Delivery?

Image Source: Oregon rolls out marijuana delivery industry FOX25   Lets not pretend marijuana delivery is about stoners being lazy. The modern American consumer demands door to door delivery and instant service with as little effort as possible. This is evident with the booming services of Uber, Ubereats, Doordash, Amazon Prime and the likes. Marijuana delivery […]

Details of new medical marijuana bill in Georgia released only on 11Alive

Only on 11Alive Wednesday, hours before the legislation is filed, Macon Representative, and architect of the bill, Allen Peake is releasing the details of new medical marijuana legislation set to ignite the 2016 Georgia Legislative Session. In the new legislation, Peake aims to add Alzheimer’s, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Aids, Tourette’s syndrome, and intractable pain. Intractable pain […]