Tracking Cannabis Taxes: Phoenix, Arizona – This Week in News

The Phoenix, Arizona City Council voted down a measure to increase the dispensary and cultivation yearly cannabis taxes. The proposed bill suggested a 17% tax on State Licensed Arizona dispensaries and cultivators. Cannabis taxes this high could have caused Phoenix dispensaries to go out of business. The concern for local dispensary owners was that a […]


Michigan Uses METRC for Track and Trace Software

About Track and Trace Software METRC As described on METRC’s website: ” Metrc® is a regulatory compliance management solution used as a tool by government regulatory bodies for the oversight and compliance management of recreational and medical marijuana programs. Metrc is an online soft-ware reporting system for use by legally state licensed producers, processors, wholesalers, […]

Michigan Licenses for its Marihuana Program

Yes, the state is really spelling marijuana “marihuana” as if cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja ect. isn’t complicated enough! We are simply relieved the Michigan regulatory process is moving forward. We are happy to be helping with Michigan licensing efforts offering a quick resource for section (2) BUSINESS SPECIFICATIONS. We’ve got you covered from sections E-G […]

Ballot language submitted for marijuana legalization effort in Michigan

Ballot language was submitted to the state on Friday for approval. The petition language is awaiting approval from the Secretary of State’s Office, which will set the stage for a summer signature drive and a potential 2018 ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is behind […]

Detroit marijuana shops face stricter rules

The Detroit News reports that new figures released this week by the city reveal that only two prospective Medical Marijuana Caregiver Centers out of more than 260 applicants have been approved to operate. The new rules allow Detroit to shut down marijuana shops failing to seek compliance under the ordinance or dispensing medical marijuana in unapproved […]

Delivery or No Delivery?

Image Source: Oregon rolls out marijuana delivery industry FOX25   Lets not pretend marijuana delivery is about stoners being lazy. The modern American consumer demands door to door delivery and instant service with as little effort as possible. This is evident with the booming services of Uber, Ubereats, Doordash, Amazon Prime and the likes. Marijuana delivery […]

Group hopes to halt dismantling of Detroit’s marijuana dispensary industry |

Detroit medical marijuana caregiver center eligibility map. All of the colored circles identify sections of the map where dispensaries would be in violation of the Detroit zoning laws that took effect March 1. (Gus Burns | Detroit has been one of the most lax cities in Michigan regarding the enforcement of medical marijuana dispensaries, […]

Michigan Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana – Deep Dot Web

Michigan Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Michigan state Senator Coleman Young II has introduced Senate Bill 0813 and Senate Joint Resolution O. The purpose of the bill is to regulate and tax marijuana while the join resolution proposes “an amendment to the state constitution of 1963, by adding section 40a to article IV, to decriminalize the possession and use of […]

New medical marijuana laws in place in Detroit 

Detroit has a new set of medical marijuana laws that officially went into effect on Thursday that requires owners of dispensaries to have a license to do business. Source: New medical marijuana laws in place in Detroit – Story | WJBK