The Importance of Seed to Sale Tracking

A company in Portland, Oregon is facing repercussions after mixing up a THC and CBD product. Consumers then purchased the CBD product and had adverse effects. An employee mixed up the two buckets containing CBD and THC products when packaging the finished goods for sale. The company also failed to test the finished products before selling to consumers which led to over a dozen consumers becoming sick after purchasing what they thought was CBD. Oregon regulators immediately took action by recalling both batches of products in question. We emphasize the importance of seed to sale tracking and inventory management following this event.

The company is facing a 70 day license suspension and a $200,000 fine from the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission. This does not include the multiple lawsuits that consumers filed against the company. The first mistake the company made was using tracking labels that they affixed to packages by a rubber band. This makes it easy for the label to fall off or be taken off by an employee leaving room for human error. The company also stored both products on the same shelves, and used similar package identification numbers for both products. The company had the same employee package both batches of products. All of these factors show the importance of seed to sale tracking and good inventory control procedures are for the cannabis industry.

If you are having trouble with your inventory control procedures, or need help with a seed to sale tracking system, we are here to help! We specialize in cannabis SOP’s and marijuana consulting.

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