Arizona Medical Marijuana License

The Arizona Department of Health Services is yet again raffling off marijuana licenses, except this time the license is for a medical cannabis dispensary. The department is calling the allocation the “2022 Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensary Allocation”. The cultivation that accompanies a medical cannabis dispensary is where the business would be able to turn a profit. But not just anyone can apply for an Arizona Medical Marijuana License.

Medical Applicant Requirements

For starters, an applicant, and principal officer members, must have a valid marijuana facility agent license. Additionally, the primary board members must acquire property to dispense product either by rental agreement or by ownership. The dispensary must also have local zoning sign an attestation stating that the proposed dispensary is in compliance with any local zoning restrictions. Lastly, The dispensary must provide policies and standard operating procedures that comply with the Arizona Medical Marijuana rule. (These are the basic requirements. The Arizona Department of Health Services contains a detailed list of everything required to apply.)

Our Policies and Standard Operating Procedures Cover Inventory Control, Qualifying Patient Recordkeeping, Security, and More!

Applications for nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary certificates will be accepted beginning December 16, 2022 in the ADHS, Licensing Management System Facility Licensing Portal. The department will not accept applications after December 30, 2022.

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