Vermont Cannabis License

Unfortunately, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board closed the application period for cannabis cultivation licenses on April 28, 2023. However, the Vermont cannabis cultivation license period will open again on December 1, 2023. Luckily, Vermont is accepting all other applications types at this time. Let’s get into what is required to apply for a cannabis license in Vermont.


There are several different cannabis license types. Even though the department offers several types of licenses, each license application requires the same documentation. To begin, every license application requires the submission of owner information and each owner must be registered to work as an agent in the industry. Additionally, the following documents must accompany owner information:

  • Operation plan
  • Security plan
  • Hiring plan
  • Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Fortunately for you, we include all of these documents in our SOP packages. We know creating these documents can take month, which is why we have Vermont specific standard operating procedures to accompany your Vermont cannabis license application.

Granted, some of these requirements are related to Vermont’s Positive Impact criteria. It is important to note that any cannabis business who intends to hire more than 10 employees must submit plans related to the positive impact criteria.

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