Minnesota Cannabis License

Minnesota is the 23rd state in the nation to legalize cannabis use for people 21 and older! The Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management is currently creating a process for applicants to apply for a variety of license types. Similar to other states, Minnesota will offer the following recreational license types:

  • Cannabis microbusiness
  • Cannabis mezzobusiness
  • Cannabis cultivator
  • Cannabis manufacturer
  • Cannabis retailer
  • Cannabis wholesaler
  • Cannabis transporter
  • Cannabis testing facility
  • Cannabis event organizer
  • Cannabis delivery service

Each license type has a unique application, license, and renewal fee. The state will prioritize “Social Equity Applicants”. Anyone who has been convicted of a marijuana related crime, was honorably discharged due to a marijuana crime, or lives in a low-income areas qualify as “Social Equity Applicants”.

Although the Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management has not officially licensed any recreational cannabis retail facilities, a dispensary in Red Lake is currently dispensing cannabis products. You might be wondering how? Red Lake is a tribal nation that is sovereign and has its own laws which allows this dispensary to sell cannabis to the recreational market.

Every business needs standard operating procedures to succeed and operate in a compliant manner. We have the following Minnesota specific marijuana SOPs:

With our experience, you will likely need SOPs, Operating Plans, and other relevant business documents. Luckily, we have these documents ready to customize to your specific business. These Standard Operating Procedures have proven to win licenses in several states.

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