New Mexico Cannabis License

The New Mexico Regulations and Licensing Department Cannabis Control Division is currently accepting New Mexico cannabis license applications. Currently, there are no limits to the amount of licenses that can be approved by the department. Additionally, there are no city bans on cannabis business locations in New Mexico. The only exception to this is consumption areas license types. Local jurisdictions can opt out of allowing consumption areas licenses.

License Types Available

There are currently 10 license types available. You can find a list, including a brief description of the license type below.

  • Consumption Area: A business that and serve cannabis products. These products can also be consumed onsite.
  • Courier: A business that can transport cannabis products to qualified patients, primary caregivers, or reciprocal participants, or directly to consumers.
  • Manufacturer: A business licensed to processes and prepare cannabis into usable cannabis products and to purchase, acquire, sell, or transport wholesale cannabis products to other cannabis establishments.
  • Producer: A business licensed to cultivate cannabis plants, transport unprocessed products only to other cannabis establishments, or sell cannabis products wholesale.
  • Producer Micro-Business: A business who can legally produce cannabis products at a single premise that possesses a maximum of two hundred (200) mature cannabis plants at one time.
  • Research Laboratory: A business that produces or possesses cannabis products with the purpose of studying cannabis characteristics.
  • Retailer: A business licensed to sell cannabis product to qualified patients, caregivers, and individuals over the age of 21.
  • Testing Laboratory: A business that samples, collects, and tests cannabis products for wholesale or retail licensees.
  • Integrated Cannabis Microbusiness: A business who can conduct multiple license types at 1 physical location. For example, this license type may allow the production, manufacturing, distribution, and the ability to have 1 retail location. Unfortunately, this business may not have more than 200 plants at one time, and can only have 1 license type from each category.
  • Vertically Integrated Cannabis Establishment: A business who can act as any of the following: a cannabis courier, a cannabis manufacturer, a cannabis producer, or a cannabis retailer.


To begin, every application must consist of owner information, and standard business documentation. All owners must additionally undergo a background check. In addition to business and owner documentation, the state will require Standard Operating Procedures and Social Equity Plans for a compliant application.

We have the following New Mexico specific marijuana SOPs:

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