Mississippi Medical Cannabis License

Mississippi Medical Cannabis License

The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program’s (MMCP) mission is to “provide a safe and accessible program that meets the needs of patients and the public health and safety of all Mississippi residents”. Because the medical cannabis industry in Mississippi is new, the state has an open licensing period. The department is issuing Mississippi Medical Cannabis License within 30 days of receiving completed applications.

How to Apply

Picking Your Business Type

To distinguish what will be required to apply for a cannabis license in Mississippi, we must first distinguish what type of business you want to run. Picking a business type is simple. What would you like to do in the industry? We must first answer this question. Cultivations grow cannabis, processing facilities create products from cannabis, testing facilities test cannabis, and dispensaries sell cannabis and its byproducts to qualified patients. Each license type has a different fee required when submitting an application.

Requirements By Business Type

All applying entities must submit applicable business information including personal information on all owners. Additionally, the business must have a signed approval from local jurisdiction to operate. Among these technical details, you will need business documents such as standard operating procedures, security plans, and operation plans.

Get Documents For A Mississippi License

Every business needs standard operating procedures to succeed and operate in a compliant manner. We have the following New Jersey specific marijuana SOPs:

The difference between a cultivation, processing, or testing facility and a dispensary license application is not only the cost, but whom will be reviewing the application. To explain, dispensary applications must be submitted to the Mississippi Department of Revenue whereas all other applications must be submitted to the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program.

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