Retail Solutions


ADILAS420 provides cannabis retail solutions that work for the growth of your cannabis retail store

Our team of cannabis business experts is here to help guide you every step of the way.

Adilas420 can help you launch your retail stores with everything you need for your business, from seed to sale.  

We offer retail solutions specific to State Regulation including:

  • Cannabis Recreational Retail

  • Medical Marijuana Sales

  • Cannabis Branding & Marketing

National and local regulations are major influencers when choosing a point of sale (P.O.S.) or seed to sale tracking system since requirements vary widely from state to state and country. Most areas require businesses to track cannabis data including the details of processing, labeling, storage, and sales.

A reliable software system manages sales and inventory control. This is an essential need and the right-fit one will be easily customized to suit both a company’s specific preferences, needs, and any regulatory requirements. Once legalities are addressed, what's left is quite similar to a more traditional retail environment.

Adilas offers a fast, reliable & secure point of sale software.

Adilas is all web-based and is accessible from anywhere and any device!

Equipment/technology needs will vary but will likely include:

  1. Identification scanners for verification of government issued ID/age verification
  2. Label printers
  3. Receipt printers
  4. Reliable phone and internet service
  5. Computers
  6. Barcode labels & scanners
  7. Menu Boards/E-Commerce website
  8. Anything needed to facilitate payment such as a credit card scanner and merchant processing equipment.

Banking and cash management issues in the cannabis industry are important topics in the US as most banks are not currently offering services to dispensaries.