To Grow or Not to Grow? Where to start.

Getting seeds or cuttings to start your cannabis business may sound easy, but it can be more complicated than expected. This could be true due to rule, or simply due to timing, facility needs, environment, ect. can Of course, the harder part is the next chapter, where we address what the “master grower” needs to do to get “the fire” the “patients” want? How do you make your garden grow?

A Maine Gardner tells a nice story of the basics on how to grow marijuana as a “legal to cultivate patient” in Maine.

“The best solution is to befriend someone who has a prescription for medical marijuana..”

Tom Attwell explains in a Portland, ME newspaper. This is true for a cannabis business operator-to-be as well. Your garden starts with a patient in need.

In many states, including California and Maine, patients with prescriptions have been allowed to grow marijuana at home, under the direction of a caregiver or dispensary for over a decade. Other “patients” have grown their own garden in secret closets and basements for even longer.

Marijuana for healthcare has been used for decades and the naturally grown as opposed to synthetic has always proven to be more effective. There are many different ways to grow successfully, hydro, soil, indoor, out door, greenhouse ect. The trick to choosing the right methodology is first by defining a successful gHow do you define success? Highest Yield? Highest THC? Highest number of patients helped?


There are a lot of different high’s you could be reaching for, lots of puns intended.

The first step, is to try it one way and see what works. The second, is to try, try again. But don’t reinvent the wheel, there are centuries worth of resources if you look for them. As with marijuana patients, you need to find what is right for you, for your business, for your patients, for your customers.

After all, it is not about your harvest today, but the seeds you plant to get started for your next one. Your ultimate goal, should be to keep growing. You will also need to keep changing and keep educated.


“So he grows a little garden in the backyard by the fence / He’s consuming what he’s growing nowadays in self-defense / He gets out there in the twilight zone / Sometimes when it just don’t make no sense.”

Source: It may be legal to grow marijuana in Maine, but it’s not easy to get gardening advice – The Portland Press Herald



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