Starting A Dispensary: What hardware do you need?

Starting a dispensary is not an easy task. There are many things to consider and all of them will have an impact on the outcome. One of those things is what hardware you will need to get started. Each company’s solution may differ but they all look for ease of use and easy set up. We have provided some recommendations below that we feel provide both of those qualities.  

Before choosing your hardware, be sure you have chosen your point of sale software, better known as seed to sale software for cannabis businesses. You can ask your seed to sale software provider what hardware they suggest. For suggestions on seed to sale software, click here.


You will need one for each POS station and may want to consider one for your inventory control person to use. If you have cellular data at your dispensary, we recommend you choose a tablet with that service so sales can still be processed if the facility internet is down. We also suggest you prepare to hardwire your devices because wifi does fail sometimes. If using a tablet, make sure it is compatible with an adaptor for plugins. See below for more on adapters for your cannabis point of sale set up.


Cash Drawers, Barcode Scanners, and Receipt Printers

You will need one each of these items for each POS station. You can by all the pieces separately or consider a bundle. The below solution is all-in-one, easy to use, and is compatible with any of the tablets listed above. There are many like this, however they are not all created equal. Be sure bundles do not limit your flexibility in upgrading for the newest technologies. Look for a barcode reader with QR code functionality because QR is all the rage these days.


Label Printers

Depending on where your dispensary is located you may or may not need labels at the point of sale. Some states require that labels be printed with the date of sale or customer information, where in others all the labeling is done before the products reach the dispensary. Our recommendation is a reliable option to consider if your location will be printing labels. 

label printer


If your location does need to print labels then you will want to remember to have plenty on hand.


This adapter is compatible with the Samsung tablet and allows you to connect all your devices as well as hardwire them to the internet. You will need one for each POS station at a minimum, but likely you will need one for each tablet in use in the dispensary. 

Let Us Help!

If you are starting a dispensary you will have questions about hardware options. Contact us any time and we will be happy to provide the benefits of our experience.


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