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E-Learning: Learn Adilas on Your Schedule

Learning a new “Seed To Sale” software can be stressful and time consuming. At Adilas420.com we are aware of this and have created some training content to help you and your employees learn Adilas on your schedule. 

What is it?

We have created training modules for just about every process you could need in Adilas, from cultivation to production to dispensary processes. Each module contains a logical progression of topics with videos that explain each process step by step. 

Who is it for?

These training modules are designed to help anyone learn Adilas, whether a seasoned manager or new employee. 

Where can it be accessed?

You can access and utilize our training modules from any device from which you can access a browser. As a result you can train anywhere that works for you.  

When can training occur?

Because you can access it from anywhere, training can occur when you have time. It is available for you and your employees anytime, day or night. 

Why choose this option?

Training employees costs money. It costs even more when it requires a second person to do the training. Save time and money with an online training solution. 

How to get started? 

Visit https://www.adilas420.com/learn/ and try one of our free E-Learning demos. Then check out our Course Catalog for other available modules. We even offer All-Access passes for individuals and employees. Add the desired course to your cart and check out. You will now have access to the chosen course and can learn on your schedule. 

Learn Adilas

We can help!

Not sure which course or package you need? Contact us today to discuss your Adilas training needs. We will help you find the right solution for your business.



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