Marijuana Security Plan: Ohio – Processing


Adilas420’s Marijuana Security Plan template is over 35 pages and will include content that will apply to any regulated cannabis business security requirements. This downloadable template can be edited and customized to match your specific cannabis business operations. These SOP’s can serve as a supporting documents for your application or as a valuable resource to marijuana business employees.


Ohio legalized medical marijuana through House Bill 253 in 2016. Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program allows for multiple types of cannabis products including tinctures, oils, patches, plant material, oils and edibles, although the laws prohibit flower intended for the use of smoking. Vaping is allowed. Patients, with qualifying conditions, can purchase and possess up to a 90 day supply of marijuana.  The Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) will oversee licensing of facilities including:

  • Cultivation
  • Processor
  • Dispensaries
  • Testing

To begin, the state will approve limited licenses including:

  • Cultivation: 12 Level I and 12 Level II
  • Processor: 40
  • Dispensaries: 60

The state has chosen METRC as a track and trace software, requiring all licensees to submit company data seed to sale.

Learn more about OH Medical Marijuana Laws

This Marijuana Security Plan is written specifically to address state rules and regulations for licensed cannabis businesses including security procedures.

SOPs for secure processing of marijuana OAC 3796:3-2-01(A)(2)
-Training and Safety SOPs OAC 3796:3-2-01(A)(3)
-implemented SOPs for five-year retention of all inventory records
OAC 3796:3-2-08(A)(6)
-SOPs to maintain electronic records in a compliant manner
OAC 3796:3-2-08(B)(1)(2)(3)(4)
-an SOP to ensure the security equipment is maintained and tested annually
OAC 3796:3-2-05(D)
-an SOP or repair or replace failed components of the video surveillance recording system within a compliant time frame (24hrs) OAC 3796:3-2-05(B)(4)(I)
-SOP to maintain security records in a compliant manner OAC 3796:5-4-01(E)
-SOP to submit a full report within 10 days of notification of an actual loss, theft, or diversion of medical marijuana OAC 3796:5-4-01(B)