E-Learning for Cannabis Bookkeepers – 303: Adilas for Bookkeepers


This course is for cannabis Bookkeeper. Learn how to use ADILAS financials and bookkeeping tools. We will review the advanced features of expenses, deposits and banks.

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E-Learning for Cannabis Bookkeepers

E-Learning for Cannabis Bookkeepers will help you learn how to use ADILAS financials and bookkeeping tools. We will review the advanced features of expenses, deposits and banks. This online learning is perfect for beginners.

We will explore common job responsibilities and tasks for Bookkeepers and record keeping.

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Congratulations on choosing Adilas as your seed to sale software system.

By now, we hope you have checked out our free software demo for Adilas.biz, which is being used by thousands of cannabis businesses as seed to sale software around the world.

Before taking this course, we hope you also know a little about the basic requirements of track and trace software, cannabis business compliance and the people, product and process involved with the cannabis industry.

If you haven’t already consider taking one of our introductory courses such as:

  • Introduction to seed to sale tracking or
  • Introduction to Financials using ADILAS Accounting Software for cannabis businesses

In this course, we will show you step by step how to use your Adilas seed to sale software system and offer you users guides along the way.

When you activate your system and pay your first months subscription, you will get an email within 48 hours with your system Corp Key, User Name and Password.

We recommend you maintain this “master user name and password” as an administrative account.

Once you are logged into Adilas, you will need to use the set up this course and manage system permissions, customize the look and feel and manage Administrators system controls.

In this course we will cover:

  • System Set Up including locations and departments.
  • Setting up the people including users, vendors, and customers.
  • Setting up the product including configuring categories and the data used to track items.
  • And finally you will learn how to setup the tools that system users will use throughout their cannabis operations.

We will also offer an introduction to how to setup your accounting parts in Adilas, an introduction to procedures for product intake, manufacturing, sales and setting up online shopping features.

The Cannabis Operational Training Courses and Administrative Training Courses from Adilas420 offers more training and examples of how to use different Adilas features for each job responsibility or roll.

The purpose of this course is to help you access, add and edit system settings as needed.

These are administrative procedures and should only be used for set up, and every once in a while, as administrators, you need to make changes to system wide settings.

Throughout this course we will offer optional quizzes and exercises to practice and show your knowledge of setting up your Adilas system.

Let’s get started. On your screen, you can scroll down to the course materials and content, select the check mark to learn about How to Use This Learning, it will automatically take you to the next lesson.