Medical Marijuana in Arkansas

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, also known as Issue 6, was passed by voters on November 8, 2016. Issue 6 legalized marijuana for medical use. The measure also allowed for the establishment of marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities in Arkansas and the regulation of seed to sale through its designated inventory tracking system. Issue 6 also applied state and local taxes on the sale of medical marijuana.

Who Oversees the Medical Marijuana Program?

Two agencies oversee the medical cannabis program in Arkansas. The Arkansas Department of Health is responsible for overseeing patient and caregiver registration. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration Medical Marijuana Commission oversees the licensing and regulations of medical cultivations and dispensaries.

Arkansas Medical Sale Restrictions

The regulation of marijuana sales has defined purchase limitations for consumers. These limitations are outlined in the Arkansas Dispensary Standard Operating Procedures.


Every business needs standard operating procedures to succeed and operate in a compliant manner. We have the following Arkansas specific marijuana SOPs:

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