Introduction to Adilas420

Getting Started with Adilas420


Welcome to the introduction to seed to sale tracking using Adilas and Adilas420 training.

Hi, I am your trainer, Beth, and I will be taking you through this video training with Adilas420 learning.

A little bit about myself, I have over 15 years experience in industries such as worker safety, learning technologies, and writing technical policies and procedures. I have created online learning for the OSHA 10 hour construction. I also have experience instructing on compliance and security as it relates to information technology, banking laws, and other areas of businesses. I don’t just teach it, I embody it, and my hope with these videos is to show you the possibilities of seed to sale tracking as it relates to your business goals.

Our goal at Adilas420 is to assist you with your business goals and needs and help you gain a better understanding of:

  • The cannabis industry as it relates to compliance for local, state, and federal regulations
  • Safety and security as dictated and addressed by governmental regulations
  • How we can assist you with your business needs from seed to sale

So let’s get started.

In the following topics you will learn how to login to Adilas, use the top and main header links to navigate your system and basic Adilas commands.

Next, we will go over the chooser which allows you to personalize the look, color, and feel of your Adilas system for your company.

Then we will go over the classic homepage and system main players.

These items are meant to give you a basic understanding and reference point before we start setting up your system.

But first, a few other quick introductions.

Meet Molly. Molly is the founder of and Next Chapter Solutions, LLC and will help us throughout Adilas420 training.

Hi, I'm Molly.

Prior to starting I spent almost two decades considering avenues for legalizing and regulating cannabis businesses. In 2013, I joined administrative and operational teams working in the legal medical marijuana industry in Arizona. After many years of developing best practices, standard operating procedures and training staff, I decided to begin sharing my tools and knowledge with the rest of the world.

Along the way, I also made a very important friend, that has served as a loyal and reliable support system.
Meet Adilas!


Adilas will also help guide us through training staff on best practices for how to track cannabis businesses. Adilas is a mascot for Adilas LLC, a team of talented web developers who continue to help us customize the best cannabis business software! We may introduce you to a few other friends along the way.

Let’s get started!


Prepare to earn points & a certificate of completion for finishing this course. If you practice and complete this course prior to your live demo, we will be able to dig a little deeper into how to maximize your business success on ADILAS software.

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About Adilas, or adilas, like, is an online business platform. We are considered a “SaaS” or Software as a Service provider. We charge a monthly fee for businesses to use our interface, functions, and tools. We give our clients full access to their data through a valid login. Depending on how the different companies choose to use the adilas platform, depends on the tools, functions, and features that they need or end up using. is a web-based hosted solution. In modern language, this is commonly known as “cloud-based”. We advertise ourselves as a “virtual data portal” to help with sales, inventory tracking, POS (point of sale), CRM (customer relationship management), online expense tracking, BI (business intelligence), payroll, timecards, scheduling, backend office, accounting functions, and much more. Read more about Adilas
Security, integrity, and back-up plans are hot topics in today’s world. We, at, take security, data integrity, and back-ups very seriously. hosts servers with top rated server farms for commercially hosted environments and implement state of the art security protocols. Common security measures such as SSL, Firewalls, virus protection, and data encryption are used. The server hosts offers 24/7 tech support and personnel monitoring in their hazard proof facility.
Yes. was originally designed for vehicle manufacturing and sales. The solution was adapted to accommodate many industries and has served thousands of cannabis businesses as a seed to sale tracking system since 2010. The system works for Governing Agencies, Dispensary’s, Cultivation, Production or Lab facilities to track and trace marijuana from seed to sale. Learn more about seed to sale software.
Yes. Adilas currently integrates directly with Franwell Metrc, Leaf Data, BioTrack, and the Washington State Liquor Board’s tracking system. We are currently working on integration with Arizona Department of Health Services web portal and will develop for other states as requested. We are currently working on solutions in Canada.
Adilas will work on any device or computer that can connect to the Internet. Adilas can be used in any web browser, although, some browsers offer more functionality than others. For best results, we recommend you use Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. However, some printers may prefer internet explorer, which works fine too.
Adilas can work with most any hardware. It can work on any device and is compatible with standard printers, barcode scanners, magnetic swipers ect. For recommended hardware see products and solutions.
Plans vary depending on the size of the business and what tools or integration is required. Checkout software prices and purchase today in our secure e-commerce platform.

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