Oklahoma Cannabis Licensing Software

To begin, it is not a secret that the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has actively been accepting cannabis licensing applications. To date, no application deadline has been specified making this a hot spot for startup cannabis businesses. Additionally, the state does not have a cap on the number of licenses awarded. However, the OMMA will shut down the application period between January 10th through January 17th to change to a new cannabis licensing system.

Incomplete Applications

So, what happens to applications which are incomplete on January 10th, these applications will need to be resubmitted through the new system “Thentia”. The new system will be available to users on January 18, 2022. Contact us now for assistance submitting your new application.

Current Licensees

Current Licensees will receive an email from OMMA containing their Thentia login information. Previously, licensees had to contact the OMMA to update their information. As a result of the new system, licensees will be able to update their information online. We can help also with renewal applications, contact us today!

Why The Change?

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority will make the switch to this new cannabis licensing system in hopes to improve in three areas. The department aims to provide users with a more friendly interface. This will make the application process easier for the end user. The second goal for the department is to reduce the turn around time associated with licensing. Issuing licenses at a faster pace will allow the industry to continuously grow at an alarming rate. A decrease in the chance of errors is the final reason for the implementation of the new system.

Thus, the Source: Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority


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