New Jersey Marijuana Applications

New Jersey is opening marijuana applications to business owners whom wish to apply. The license will allow the business to provide adult use marijuana to consumers in New Mexico. You can find the adult use marijuana rules in the following document: NJAC 1730

Under the new rule, consumers are able to purchase 1 ounce of marijuana or the equivalent as a cannabis product. Additionally, a business may not sale more than 5 grams of concentrates to a consumer in a single transaction.

The rule also includes language on the states Social Equity Program. This program is set to give individuals and communities negatively impacted by marijuana laws a chance at obtaining licensing. An applicant will additionally need to provide proof of residency with their application. A social equity applicant currently lives in an economically disadvantaged area and makes less than 80% of the median state income. More importantly, individuals who have at least two marijuana related disorderly persons offenses; or at least one marijuana related indictable offense will be able to apply for these licenses as well.

The division of medical marijuana in New Jersey will issue 37 cannabis cultivator licenses. Additional licenses may become available as the market grows in the state.

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