Mississippi Medical Cannabis Legalization

As of Wednesday January 26th, 2022, Mississippi adopted a comprehensive medical marijuana program. After Governor Tate Reeves signed Senate Bill 2095 on Wednesday, it became law immediately. Therefore, Mississippi became the 38th state to accept medical cannabis legalization.

Under Senate Bill 2095, medical cannabis distribution licenses must be awarded to aide with expanding the market. The application acceptance process will begin in June of 2022. Before you apply, it would be helpful to review the requirements found at the Mississippi State Department of Health website. The department of health is responsible for licensing practitioners, cultivations, processing, testing, waste disposal, and transportation facilities. In contrast, the Mississippi Department of Revenue is responsible for licensing dispensaries.

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Mississippi medical cannabis legalization will allow patients to purchase flower product with no more than 30% THC, and concentrate products at no more than 60% THC. Additionally, patients may only purchase 21 grams of flower, 6 grams of concentrate, or 600mg of infused product (or a combination of the three categories) per week. We outline these limitations in our Mississippi Dispensary Standard Operating Procedures.

Every business needs standard operating procedures to succeed and operate in a compliant manner. We have the following Mississippi specific marijuana SOPs:

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