Seed-to-Sale: Jamaica Seeks Bidders

According to MJBiz Daily, Jamaica is moving forward with its cannabis plans. It has issued a number of licenses and is now seeking bids for a seed-to-sale tracking system. 

Seed-to-Sale Tracking

An international search has been initiated to identify a qualified organization to provide seed-to-sale tracking software for the country’s regulated marijuana program. According to the invitation to bid, the software will need to “capture data, collate, manage, store and produce reports on individual cannabis plants as they move through the supply chain from cultivation, retail, transportation, processing or research and development,”. Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority will accept bids until 3 p.m. local time on Sept. 25. Parties interested in accessing the bidding documents and participate in the tender for seed-to-sale software infrastructure are required to register.

Licenses issued

40 licenses have been issued of the 54 granted so far as of the end of July.

  • For cultivations, 26 licenses have been granted and 20 have been issued. 
  • For processing, 6 licenses have been granted and 5 have been issued. 
  • For retail, 16 licenses have been granted and 11 have been issued. 
  • For transportation, 2 licenses have been granted and 1 issued. 
  • For analytical services, no licenses have yet been granted or issued. 

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